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Transforming a lab with the Ackuretta SOL Dental 3D Printer

Transforming a lab with the Ackuretta SOL Dental 3D Printer

Transforming a lab with the Ackuretta SOL Dental 3D Printer

Getting Started with Dental 3D Printing

Due to the superior accuracy and efficiency that digital systems can provide, I proposed to introduce more digital workflows to Fort Bend Dental’s laboratory by implementing a more advanced CAD/CAM system and adding a dental 3D printer.

Although the excitement of using a 3D printer was undeniable, we soon discovered that the model we purchased came with limitations that hindered our productivity. Initially, we trusted a brand without fully considering the technical specifications. The dental 3D printer we acquired was frustratingly slow, taking almost 3 hours to print models. Furthermore, it was a closed system that restricted us to only using their materials, limiting our creative options.

After experiencing these challenges, we began to explore other options and eventually found the Ackuretta dental 3D SOL printer. This open-source printer was a game-changer, with a printing speed that was at least three times faster than our previous one. This was a significant improvement for our lab and we quickly fell in love with the printer's digital dentistry capabilities. In fact, we were so impressed with its performance that we decided to acquire a second one just a few months later.

Dental 3D Printing Outcomes

Since purchasing the SOL 3D printer, our lab has undergone a significant digital  transformation. We have found that using digital dentistry workflows is not only more efficient, but it also leads to higher precision and accuracy in our products. We are now able to create digital wax ups and 3D print our models, eliminating the need for traditional plaster models.

Our lab has also started exploring the benefits of digital immediate dentures, which can significantly reduce the amount of chair time required for patients. There are some great materials out there.

Dental 3D printing has allowed us to consistently deliver excellent results for our patients. By continuously exploring new opportunities and techniques, we are able to stay ahead of the curve and provide innovative solutions that meet our patients' evolving needs. I take pride in my role in this process and remain committed to pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve through the use of cutting-edge technology.

By adopting these digital workflows and utilizing innovative materials, we have been able to provide even higher quality products and services to our clients. Our lab is committed to staying at the forefront of digital dentistry and continuing to find new ways to improve the dental industry as a whole.

Incorporating Digital Dentistry into practice

After graduation from the Dental Laboratory Technology program at the Medical University in my hometown of Varna, Bulgaria, I started a position at a prestigious dental laboratory where I was introduced to the world of digital dentistry and CAD/CAM systems. I quickly realized the advantages of these systems and the significant impact they could have on dental laboratory procedures. I was fascinated by the technology and soon became passionate to learn how to better use them.

I was thrilled when I was offered a job at Fort Bend Dental to work in their dental laboratory, which today has full service offerings of a wide range of products and services for dentists and their patients.

Looking back on my journey, I am grateful for the opportunities that I have had and the people who have supported me along the way. I am excited to continue to learn and grow in my career within the field of digital dentistry.


Yoana Yurova is a Registered Dental Assistant and Dental Laboratory Manager at Lone Star Dental Arts, a full-service dental laboratory located in Missouri City, TX. She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Dental Laboratory Technology from the Medical University of Varna, Bulgaria, and later obtained certification in Dental Ceramics with the National Board for Certification in Dental Laboratory Technology.

Yoana stays up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the dental laboratory field in order to provide high-quality service to her clients. With a decade of experience in both clinical and laboratory settings within the dental field, Yoana is a highly skilled and knowledgeable expert in dental laboratory technology.

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