What Our Clients Say?

"We have several printers in our facility. The Free Shape 120 is the most reliable printer we have. It never breaks down and is much more predictable and cosistant results while compared to the serveral high end pritners that we have.
Now with the new castable resin from Dentona, we print all our ceramic restorations only with the FreeShape 120 and consistently have great results."

Martin Withake

Compass 3D | Saigon, Vietnam

"Over the last 2 years, we have been able to achieve amazing clinical results with clear aligners which were only possible with flawless 3D printing and great technical support from Ackuretta."

Dashrath Kafle

Smart3D | Nepal, Kathmandu

"Being a tech buff and a prosthodontist, I have been heavily involved with 3D Printing for dentistry. Having used over five printers and I would say the Freeshape has become our workhorse. The material options that it offers makes it my go-to printer for a lot of what I do in day-to-day dentistry."


EZ Dental Clinic | Houston, Texas, USA

"The Diplo that we have been using the last few years has allowed us to quickly and easily fabricate numerous products. The accuracy, ease of use, speed and so much more has really ramped up our production. Thank you Ackuretta!"

Ken Kincaid

Bismarck Mandan Dental Lab | Bismarck, ND, USA

"We took a Diplo in Nov 2018 as a stand-by printer for my big German printer but later it turned out to be the favourite and main printer to me and my technicians. It's so small, nobody believes it's capacity and accuracy with speed. We faced very few problems and they were solved within hours as soon as we get connected to their online support team. Thanks to Ackuretta team and all the very best."

Dr.y.d.vijaya Simha raju

v-clear aligners | Hyderabad, India

"The printer is easy to use and provides a stable printing process for me. I like to work with my FreeShape 120!"

Chiwen Wang

CEREC Asia | Taipei, Taiwan

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