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The New CURO Range

A Range of High-Performance Materials for All Dental Applications

FreeShape 120

High precision chair-side solutions with
industry leading surface and accuracy.

Optimize your
Dental Workflow

High-Accuracy 3D Printing Materials.

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FreeShape 120

High precision chair-side solutions that offers high resolution and open material platform.


A professional-grade 3D printer that offers high resolution and maximized productivity.


Deliver high-resolution prints at speeds that allow for premium, high volume production.

How Does DENTIQ Make Things Easier?

As the future of dentistry becomes more digitized, we realized that a significant gap exists between avant-garde adopters and those who stick to traditions. While the expensive upfront investment of purchasing a dental 3D printer has deterred some buyers from switching to a digital dental workflow, many resist the idea because of the steep learning curve that comes with embracing the technology.

So here begs the question: How do we, as technology innovators, bridge that gap?

10 Reasons to Switch to the Cleani Washer

Manually washing your print is a tedious process, as the operator either has to repeatedly hand spray alcohol onto prints or soak them in a container of alcohol and scrub the resin off with a toothbrush.

Ackuretta has found the solution to those industry problems with Cleani, the new dual-tank resin washer. Cleani’s revolutionary design and functions are why it’s making a big splash in the dental industry.

The Effect of Resin Quality on 3D Printing Accuracy

Ackuretta's Research Team is back with a new analysis report on the effects of resin quality on print accuracy!

Purchasing a high quality resin is the first step to quality control of your prints, because like the new Ackuretta #CURO Model Resin, every batch will be quality checked, consistent in concentration, and have higher bio-compatibility.

UV Box Curing Accuracy Report

Did you know that UV box curing can greatly effect dental model material shrinkage and impact overall print accuracy?

Only 20% of the curing takes place on the printer while 80% takes place in the UV box Therefore Ackuretta did an experiment with 5 UV boxes to show how important the curing process is in the dental workflow.

Every Detail Matters

Ackuretta is a leading manufacturer of high-precision prosumer-grade 3D printers and customized products for the dental industry.

Ackuretta aims to revolutionize dental technology by developing its own hardware, software, and proprietary materials, used to provide a full end-to-end solution for professionals.

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21 Questions with Richard
– Ackuretta Sales Technician

We asked our Sales Technician, Richard, to help us answer 21 burning questions from our users, in #Vogue style. More educational videos coming out soon, stay tuned!

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FreeShape Cheatsheet-
Unboxing to Printing

What's included in the FreeShape 120 package? How do I prepare for my first print?

Lookie here! Our Product Marketer, Vicki, is here to answer those questions.

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What Are Industry Leaders Saying?

"By acquiring a FreeShape, we stopped wondering about our printing end results. Consistency and accuracy are not an issue anymore; besides we don't have to bother with expensive plastic parts and having to reorder from time to time. It is easy and extremely low cost to maintain and keep your production line in action. In old times, we never knew what was coming out of our printer. Now, this is not an issue."

Livio Yoshinaga

Skyn Concept | São Paulo, Brazil

Matteo Bonacina from Ars & Technology in Italy speaks about the opportunity additive manufacturing provides dental clinics and about the satisfaction of existing companies. Watch now

Matteo Bonacina

Ars & Technology | Bergamo, Italy

Claudia Grönheit from Dreve discusses the future of the dental industry and the collaboration between Dreve Dentamid and Ackuretta. Watch now

Claudia Grönheit

Dreve Dentamid | Unna, Germany

Miguel Perez from Keystone Industries in the US talks about the collaboration with Ackuretta and the trend of moving towards digitalization in the dental industry. Watch now

Miguel Perez

Keystone Industries | New Jersey, United States

"We have several printers in our facility. The Free Shape 120 is the most reliable printer we have. It never breaks down and is much more predictable and cosistant results while compared to the serveral high end pritners that we have.
Now with the new castable resin from Dentona, we print all our ceramic restorations only with the FreeShape 120 and consistently have great results."

Martin Withake

Compass 3D | Saigon, Vietnam

"Over the last 2 years, we have been able to achieve amazing clinical results with clear aligners which were only possible with flawless 3D printing and great technical support from Ackuretta."

Dashrath Kafle

Smart3D | Nepal, Kathmandu

"Being a tech buff and a prosthodontist, I have been heavily involved with 3D Printing for dentistry. Having used over five printers and I would say the Freeshape has become our workhorse. The material options that it offers makes it my go-to printer for a lot of what I do in day-to-day dentistry."


EZ Dental Clinic | Houston, Texas, USA

"The Diplo that we have been using the last few years has allowed us to quickly and easily fabricate numerous products. The accuracy, ease of use, speed and so much more has really ramped up our production. Thank you Ackuretta!"

Ken Kincaid

Bismarck Mandan Dental Lab | Bismarck, ND, USA

"We took a Diplo in Nov 2018 as a stand-by printer for my big German printer but later it turned out to be the favourite and main printer to me and my technicians. It's so small, nobody believes it's capacity and accuracy with speed. We faced very few problems and they were solved within hours as soon as we get connected to their online support team. Thanks to Ackuretta team and all the very best."

Dr.y.d.vijaya Simha raju

v-clear aligners | Hyderabad, India

"The printer is easy to use and provides a stable printing process for me. I like to work with my FreeShape 120!"

Chiwen Wang

CEREC Asia | Taipei, Taiwan

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