ALPHA AI Slicing Software for Dental 3D Printing

ALPHA AI Slicing Software for Dental Professionals

Our new AI-assisted slicing software is here, designed to orient, stack, nest, and build supports for 3D prints with the click of a button.

Get the performance and results you want, in a fraction of the time. With the Premium account, you can enjoy unlimited AI-generated designs.

One-Click Design Process. 5 Seconds vs. 5 Minutes

Easy to delegate. Not professional skills required

The advanced AI technology allows users to simply select the application icon that is needed, and the technology will do the rest – no need for special design training. Dentists can assign the dental 3D printing slicing software design work to their support staff, so they have more time to spend with their patients.

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Higher Rate of Successful Prints – Save Resin and Labor Time

No more failed prints: About 75% of failed prints are caused by incorrect orientation during file prep. With our ALPHA AI software, we are maximizing your print success rate with auto-orientation, saving you time and resin.

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Export 50 STL files per month

ALPHA AI allows you to export up to 50 STL files every month – giving you even more printing options and flexibility. You can by-pass not user-friendly and less accurate slicing software, and take full advantage of ALPHA AI’s unique features.

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Different Prints & Multi-selection Compatible

ALPHA AI dental 3D Printing software will generate the proper supports and determine the optimal orientation, so whether it’s stacking duplicated or different applications, your staff will simply love it!

ALPHA AI Standard

Easy-to-orient applications thanks to ALPHA AI’s intuitive tools and buttons. Stack similar and different applications, and nest all the prints automatically with just one click.

Just one click will generate supports for your unique print. With everything in place at the click of a button, things just got easier.

With ALPHA AI, your applications will be ready to print in seconds. And since our printers are wireless-equipped, you can click ‘print’ right from your computer, saving you even more time.

Layer Versatility

Finest 50 µm
Fine 70 µm
Standard 100 µm
Turbo 150 µm

What the experts are saying (Testimonials)

Prof. Adam Nulty

IDDA President

"As in everything with dentistry, the future of digital dentistry is surely Artificial Intelligence. With 3D printing, Ackuretta is a forerunner in this regard with the ALPHA AI software functions providing a streamlined addition to the user workflow, whether beginner or advanced, to provide super fast orientation, and near instant support creation. You really have to try to believe it."

Seth Potter

CEO and Founder at Dental Design Services

"The ALPHA AI function has been an amazing quality of life addition the Alpha 3D software. The function cuts my print set up time in half allowing me to be more efficient and save time which is hugely important in my line of work."

Nicolas Gourgas

Dental Technician - DigiLabProthese

ALPHA AI is very simple and intuitive software. Choose your printer, the resin, layer thickness, you import your file, add supports, check the print and slice it. As simple as that. In my lab everybody like this software for its ease of use.

Choose the plan that's right for you

Standard Version (Free)
  • Setup, Support and Slice
  • Remote printing directly from your computer
  • Parameter configuration
  • Manual orientation, stacking and nesting
Premium Version
  • Setup, Support and Slice
  • Remote printing directly from your computer
  • Automatic parameter configuration
  • AI-generated orientation and supports in one click
  • AI-supported stacking and nesting
  • AI features compatible with multi-select same or different applications
  • Export up to 50 STL files per month
  • New compatible applications every 3 months
  • Available in monthly ($19.99) and yearly ($220) plans.


System Requirements



32-bit dual core 2 GHz CPU (e.g., Intel i3 or AMD Athlon)

64-bit quad core CPU (e.g., Intel i 7 or AMD Phenom II X4/X6)



1600 x 900 display

1920 x 1080 display

Graphics card with 1 GB RAM

Graphics card with 2 GB RAM (e.g., Nvidia GeForce 830 or AMD Radeon R7 M340

1 GB of Disk space

2 GB of Disk space

Windows 11, 10, 8.1 or 7 SP1

Windows 11, 10, 8.1 or 7 SP1

Mouse, trackpad or pen & tablet

3-button mouse, or pen & tablet