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The Future is Bright. The Future is CURO.

The Future is Bright. The Future is CURO.

The Future Is Bright. 

The Future is CURO.



Innovative Materials Pave the Way to the Future

January 21st, 2022, Taipei, Taiwan: Dental 3D printing innovator Ackuretta is launching the new and improved CURO, its 3D printing resin line, to elevate the workflows of dental professionals by providing advanced materials at affordable prices & economic sizes.  

The optimized portfolio includes the release of five new resins. Curo Element Beige & White is true to become the new flagship resin, with increased accuracy and high-printing speeds. CURO ProCast, CURO Crown, CUROProDenture & CURO ProSplint Soft improve existing 3D printing workflows by reducing printing times and increasing patient comfort. 

Constantly on the verge of new breakthroughs, the 3D printing resin industry has revolutionized our vision of digital dentistry. The launch of the new 500g CURO resin line by Ackuretta makes 3D printing for dentistry more affordable, accurate & safe with a guarantee of high quality. 


What's Elemental in Dentistry? 

- Accurate Models for Accurate Treatments

CURO Element white and beige, the newest addition designed to be the portfolio’s flagship. Developed for dental professionals to produce prints with a smooth surface finish with minimal shrinkage during post-processing. 

Element is able to produce highly aesthetic diagnostic wax-ups, aligner thermoforming models & much more. 

 The resin is available in two shades - CURO Element white & beige offering artistic versatility for dentistry and other fields of application.

CURO Element White and Beige by Ackuretta
CURO Element White and Beige by Ackuretta

Introducing the Pro Resin Line for Professional 3D Printing

Advancing 3D printing material science with the four newly released resins - CURO ProSplint, CURO ProDenture, CURO Crown & CURO ProCast, dental professionals can now leverage best-in-class resins for previously unseen results.  

Addressing the need to 3D print strong, long-term temporary restorations, Ackuretta also launches CURO Crown, available in three shades. The resin yields natural-looking & ultra-fine prints. For durable digital dentures, CURO ProDenture was designed for maximum patient comfort and minimal risk of breakage

With an increasing number of patients complaining about bruxism & TMD, CURO ProSplint Soft enables dental professionals to 3D print reliable night guards, sleeping devices & other applications at minimal cost & high-speed resulting in reduced chairside time for dental professionals. 

CURO ProCast addresses the need to alleviate some of the pain points of prior cast resins - after processing shrinkage. CURO ProCast is the first available resin that has zero post-curing shrinkage - simplifying workflows & elevating cast results. 

CURO By Ackuretta

Explore Digital Dentistry with CURO by Ackuretta

High-precision surgical guides, tissue-like gingiva, high impact strength & durable temporary restorations, and dentures -  explore the limitless opportunities that the 10 CURO resins offer. The low material cost per application combined with the fast printing speed of Ackuretta’s 3D printing solutions, turn your workflow highly profitable & efficient. 


All resins are pre-calibrated for Ackuretta’s dental 3D printers SOL and DENTIQ. Just pour & print in a few clicks.  


CURO Resin line is now available for purchase at

CURO by Ackuretta
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