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The most versatile UV oven for 3D printing equipped with a sophisticated UV-light source management system to enable users to do more in less time and space.

Plug & Cure

Compact & Efficient

Engineered to offer sufficient curing chamber space while maintaining a minimalistic aesthetic that matches every dental clinic and lab


Preloaded optimal curing times database available at the turn of a dial and touch of a button

Smartest UV Oven

Smart UV-light management system.

Finishing process in a few minutes

Perfect Chamber Space

For Dental Clinics and Labs with rigorous workflows

Convenient SD Card Reader

Keep your material settings up to date with post-curing times and temperatures

Heat Management System

Ensure perfect curing and long-lasting product life

Improved Versatility

365/385/405 nm mix-matrix LED's for improved rigidity and suitability for Class II bio-materials.

360° UV Light Distribution

UV-LED's strategically positioned to provide a consistent curing for enhanced durability

Suitable for Bio-materials

Ideal for dental professionals with bio-compatibility concenrns, CURIE cares for your Dental Applications safety so you can focus on your patients.


What's In The Box?