Ackuretta Concierge

Ackuretta Concierge

Our team of experts will provide best-in-class service, tailored to kickstart your unique

3D printing journey and enabling your practice to stay at the leading edge of dentistry.

Get coverage for your entire 3D Printing Solution for the length of your original warranty, receive

an industry-leading 2 year extended warranty for your SOL, and access a broad variety of learning resources.

Extended SOL warranty

Unlock an additional one year warranty extension that takes your standard warranty to 2 years of comprehensive coverage.

Priority session bookings

Dive straight into our premium 3D printing support. With our priority session bookings, your needs take the forefront. Experience unmatched service speed and dedication.

Support available on demand

Need Help? Reach our multilingual team of experts and book a live video call session for real-time dental 3D printing guidance.

Exclusive learning & training resources

From 1 on 1 training to tailored dental application workflows, we will equip you with essential tools and skills that will elevate your capabilities.

Concierge Service

Master your 3D Printing skills and unlock your potential with the Ackuretta Customer Success Team.

Prior to purchasing the Concierge Service Onboarding Kit, please read the Ackuretta Concierge Policy carefully.