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Clinux CAD Integration with ALPHA AI for Seamless Workflows

Clinux CAD Integration with ALPHA AI for Seamless Workflows

Clinux Integration with ALPHA AI for Seamless Workflows

Taipei, Taiwan (September 2023) - Ackuretta is pleased to announce the integration of its ALPHA AI slicing software with Clinux CAD.

This partnership will provide users with efficient and integrated workflows from design to print with the first-ever cloud-based 3D CAD application for the dental industry. Clinux CAD was introduced in 2021 as an affordable and fully open CAD platform that offers an intuitive user interface for the creation of crowns, inlays, onlays, and splints.   

This direct integration with Ackuretta’s 3D Printing Solution enables Clinux CAD users to seamlessly transition from CAD design to slicing in the ALPHA AI software with one click of a button, simplifying the workflow, enhancing productivity, and facilitating successful prints.  

“The affordability and user-friendliness of Clinux CAD is aligned perfectly with the Ackuretta 3D Printing Solution and Ackuretta’s core values. We are excited about this partnership with Clinux CAD that will provide our customers with an integrated workflow from design to print to post-curing,” said Ayush Bagla, CEO of Ackuretta.  

“Clinux CAD is designed for the Dentist and their staff with emphasis on smooth and simple chairside workflows, while Ackuretta has been a world leader in developing fast and efficient chairside workflows in 3D printing. Clearly this is a big win for our mutual customers and we are excited to bring this innovation to the market,” said Roddy MacLeod, CEO of Clinux Inc.

Learn more about the direct integration of Clinux CAD and the Ackuretta 3D Printing solution during our “In-House 3D Printing in 4 Steps” webinar presented by Customer Success Leader, Elizabeth Pastrana, September 15th at 1:00 PM EST. 

Register here to attend the event or watch the replay

About Ackuretta 

Ackuretta is a global manufacturer of high-precision 3D printing solutions for dental professionals. Its high-quality ‘plug & play’ solutions bring the world of additive manufacturing and same-day dentistry to its global network. With validated and calibrated workflows, an open system, an industry-leading 2-year warranty, and outstanding training and customer support, Ackuretta is a unique, competitive, and accessible player in the industry.  

About Clinux CAD  

Clinux CAD is the world's first cloud-based CAD software for Dentists designed by the clinical experts at CAD-Ray. More than 3 years under development, Clinux CAD offers the simplest workflows for designing Crowns (Copy method or Database), Inlays and Onlays as well as Night Guards/Splints in your practice and can be easily delegated to staff members. Clinux CAD is fully open with no contracts, no update fees, no installation, no dongles and no hassles. Learn more about Clinux at

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