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CURIE Plus - The Ultimate Biocompatible UV Curing Oven

CURIE Plus - The Ultimate Biocompatible UV Curing Oven

ACKURETTA INTRODUCES CURIE PLUS -  The Ultimate Biocompatible UV Curing Oven For Dental 3D Printing

Taipei, Taiwan (September 6, 2023) - Ackuretta is pleased to reveal its next-generation UV Curing Oven - CURIE Plus

The brand-new biocompatible curing oven is designed to enable the mass production of high-quality dental applications and reduce barriers to access for patients. 

Expanded Chamber Capacity 

CURIE Plus is engineered to maximize efficiency, capable of curing up to 8 full arches simultaneously, which matches the Ackuretta SOL’s 3D printing capacity. With broad UV wavelength coverage and 360o light distribution, the ultimate UV curing oven reduces curing time while providing ultra-accurate results. 

Compatible with Nitrogen Sources

Built for nitrogen compatibility, CURIE Plus promises unseen aesthetics - including improved color transparency, smoothness, and up to 25% more flexural strength. 

A New Standard in Simplicity 

Equipped with an intuitive 5” touchscreen to monitor your curing parameters and a one-click open/lock door mechanism to prevent UV leakage, CURIE Plus offers a premium user experience. Thanks to direct integration with SOL, users can now simplify their workflow from print to cure, reduce error, and optimize their productivity. 

Validated with Top Resins 

Calibrated with industry-leading resins, CURIE Plus’ pre-programmed resin library includes Class IIa biocompatible resins allowing users to easily select the material that fits their patients' needs. Automatic Wi-Fi-enabled library updates ensure optimal application mechanical properties and print quality. Learn more about our all-new ultimate UV oven here

About Ackuretta 

Ackuretta is a global manufacturer of high-precision 3D printing solutions for dental professionals. Our high-quality “plug-and-play” solutions bring the world of additive manufacturing and same-day dentistry to our global network.

With validated and calibrated workflows, an open system, and outstanding training and customer support, Ackuretta is a unique, competitive, and accessible player in the industry.

Visit our website to learn more. 

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