Elevate Your Dental 3D Printing with CURIE Plus

Introducing the CURIE Plus, the Ultimate UV Curing Oven for Dental 3D Printing.

Designed to deliver ultra-accurate results, CURIE Plus cures up to 8 full arches simultaneously and

CURIE Plus will load the resin parameters from the latest prints directly from your SOL without the need to search for the resin profile.

Transform your curing with CURIE Plus.

The Ultimate Biocompatible UV Curing Oven: CURIE Plus

Biocompatible Dental Workflow

CURIE Plus is a certified Class IIa biocompatible curing unit that guarantees reliable results with industry-leading dental resins, enabling exceptional restorations.

Enhanced Mechanical Properties Up to 25% with N2

Compatible with a range of nitrogen sources, CURIE Plus boosts print quality by enhancing mechanical properties, improving color transparency, and smooth finishing.

Up to 8 Full Arches Capacity

Elevate your dental printing capabilities and take your workflow to the next level. Engineered to maximize your efficiency, CURIE Plus can cure up to 8 full arches at once, aligning with SOL's printing capacity.

No Flipping Required

CURIE Plus' 360º uniform light distribution and 365, 385, and 405 nm UV wavelength coverage ensure each print layer is thoroughly cured in a single process, eliminating the need for manual flipping.

Prints with BEGO resins need to be flipped

Ease of Use

One-click door lock that facilitates fail-safe operation and prevents UV leakage. Intuitive 5" touchscreen to easily monitor your curing parameters.

Seamless SOL Integration

Go from SOL print to CURIE Plus cure with one click - now with no need to search for your resin profile.

Instant Library Updates

Update your resin library and firmware with one click thanks to online connectivity.

Industry Leading Resins

Technical Specifications

What's In The Box?


The pre-programmed library of curing parameters includes optimized settings for various dental resins, which can be selected according to the specific needs of the print job. This helps ensure that the printed parts are cured properly and have the desired mechanical properties.

Connecting CURIE Plus to the internet, via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, will enable automatic Resin Library updates. This feature enhances the user experience by ensuring your equipment is always up to date with the newest resin profiles and improvements to existing curing parameters. Whenever a firmware update is released, the interface will send a notification, via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. You can update your CURIE Plus firmware by clicking on the 'Bell' icon.
CURIE Plus can work without an internet connection, but the Resin Library and firmware will not be updated, which could lead to post-curing issues. We recommend keeping CURIE Plus connected to the internet at all times. Connecting it at least once every 7 days is essential, to ensure your Resin Library and firmware are up-to-date.

CURIE Plus will load the resin parameters from the latest prints directly from your SOL(s). Before your prints have been completed, turn on CURIE Plus and connect to the same network as your SOL(s). Once you have confirmed “Print Successful”, CURIE Plus will receive the curing parameters of the successful prints, which can be found in “Recent Prints''. Select the print you wish to cure, and curing will begin automatically.
This feature provides a seamless integration with a one-click workflow from printing to curing, ensuring accurate curing parameters, and helping to prevent post-curing errors. To use this feature, make sure your SOL is updated to the latest firmware.

Yes. You can connect a third-party nitrogen tank or generator to your CURIE Plus.
When selecting a third-party nitrogen tank, please ensure it follows the specifications outlined in the SOP. We do not have specifications for the use of a third-party nitrogen generator, due to the range of possible variables.
While CURIE Plus is compatible with third-party nitrogen sources, we cannot assure the quality of 3D printed applications using third-party equipment and assume no responsibility for final results.