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Ackuretta Seal Of Approval: CAD Design Services for 3D Printing

Ackuretta Seal Of Approval: CAD Design Services for 3D Printing

The Ackuretta Preferred Lab Design Services - Lone Star Dental Arts

Hand in hand with the increasing adoption of 3D printing in clinics and labs comes the need for high-quality lab services, especially digital designs. With the newly introduced Ackuretta Preferred Labs, Ackuretta SOL users have the opportunity to scan, send those digital impressions to an experienced designer, and have the resulting designs sent straight to their 3D printer with minimal turnaround times. Dental 3D Printing has never been this easy!

Starting this collaboration we can find one of the country’s leading design service provider, “Lone Star Dental Arts,” headed by CDT Yoana Yurova. The team at the lab is an avid user of the Ackuretta 3D Printing Solution and is full of experts in CAD/CAM dentistry. We’re excited to announce that they will be guiding Ackuretta users through the design process - delivering optimal designs for printing and ready-made files for the Ackuretta solution.

Meet Expert Dental Laboratory: Lone Star Dental Arts

Lone Star Dental Arts, a full-service dental laboratory located in Missouri, Texas, is headed by CDT Yoana Yurova. Yoana has a background as a registered dental assistant, later obtaining her certification in Dental Ceramics with the National Board for Certification in Dental Laboratory Technology. With her clinical experience, Yoana is well-versed in the needs of dentists and has helped dentists across the state transform their dental practice into a fully digital dental office.

Yoana truly committed to building out a fully digital dental laboratory and today Lone Star Dental Arts provides industry-leading services to hundreds of dentists around the US and Canada.

How do I get started with CAD Design Services?

Are you ready to try out the Design Services provided by Lone Star Dental Arts? Nothing is easier than that!

  • All you need to do is follow the tutorial in the video below:

What’s next? After receiving the design file, you can either prepare the print in our slicing software, ALPHA AI, yourself or have your chosen design center send you the print-ready file to minimize your workflow.

PS: Be sure to provide your chosen design center with the resin and build platform size you intend to use!

Happy Printing!

Learn more with a live demo!

Schedule a demo with our Customer Success Leader, Elizabeth Pastrana, to learn more about the Ackuretta 3D Printing Solution and our newly integrated design services provided by Lone Star Dental Arts!

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