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Ackuretta: A Decade of Revolutionizing the Dental Industry

Ackuretta: A Decade of Revolutionizing the Dental Industry


A Decade of Revolutionizing the Dental Industry

Ackuretta is not your average dental technology company. Now celebrating its 10th year of operation, it has become a leader in providing accessible, high-quality dental care to patients worldwide.

Founded in 2013, Ackuretta's growth mindset and adaptability to the market have allowed it to diversify its products and expand its reach worldwide. The key, says CEO Ayush Bagla, “lies in bringing tradition and technology together”.

What sets Ackuretta apart is its unwavering dedication to innovation. The company's commitment to research and development has resulted in groundbreaking products such as the SOL, ALPHA AI, and CURIE Plus & NFinity. Ackuretta's focus on problem-solving and understanding its customers' needs has led to the creation of a full chair-side solution that caters to both dentists and labs. Its complete 3D printing solution gives all dental professionals the ability to create the results they want – from slicing their print using ALPHA AI software, to printing on the SOL or DENTIQ, and then post-processing with the CLEANI and CURIE or CURIE Plus & NFinity.

Integral to the company’s success has been its core value of maintaining an open validation system, while collaborating with industry-leading resin manufacturers such as Pac-DentBEGOKeystone, and over 15 more – establishing itself as the first complete validated 3D printing solution for over 150 resin profiles. Its open system provides a short learning curve, and the resins currently available on the market allow for even more creations – crown and bridge materials that rival zirconia; and reliable direct aligner printing is just around the corner.

In 2022 and early 2023 alone, Ackuretta has established distribution partnerships with the largest US dental distributors – Atlanta DentalBurkhart Dental SupplyCAD-RayDarby DentalHenry Schein and Henry Schein Canada.

With a standing in over 80 countries, and new business units being set up in the United States, Europe, and India, Ackuretta wants to bring accessible dental care to every country. Looking ahead, Ackuretta is focused on working with the industry to bring cutting-edge technology and information to more dental professionals, supporting the mission of making same-day dentistry a reality, globally. 

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