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3D Printed Veneers with Ackuretta SOL & Pac-Dent Rodin Titan

3D Printed Veneers with Ackuretta SOL & Pac-Dent Rodin Titan

3D Printed Veneers with Ackuretta SOL 

& Pac-Dent Rodin Titan

3D Printing is transforming day-to-day dentistry significantly. Dentists, like Dr. Casey Bennett (dentist at Lowcountry Dental Arts in Charleston, SC, and among the first faculty members of the Modern Optimized Dentistry (MOD) Institute), are the prime example of the effects of 3D printing in dentistry. In this case summary, Dr. Bennett shows how new restorative 3D printing resins and precision 3D printing technology can achieve incredibly intricate results & make patients happy.

Early in 2024, a young patient presented herself to our office at Lowcountry Dental Arts for an esthetic consultation with a chief complaint of small teeth and multiple diastemas. This patient was born with microdontia and upon completion of many years of orthodontic therapy, she was still in need of a fixed restorative solution.

Prior to 3D printing in dentistry, this 15-year-old patient had two options: Either deal with the spaces and likely feel self-conscious for many years until she reached an age in which she was a candidate for ceramic veneers or spend hours upon hours in the dental chair getting chairside direct composite veneers.

Luckily modern dentistry now offers a new innovative solution, 3D printed veneers. With the power of exocad, I was able to fabricate a digital mockup that gave this patient a beautiful smile.  At the smile trial appointment, I took intraoral scans and two full-face photos, one retracted and one smile.

I was then able to design and print super thin shells (200 microns thick in some areas) and directly place the mockup in the patient's mouth. She was absolutely thrilled and fell in love with her new smile.

I had everything I needed to print final veneers for this patient; the intraoral scans, the full face photographs for design, and an approved mockup that was easily converted into final restorations with the amazing power of exocad. Next, I had to decide which material would be most suited to print such fine final restorations with.

I have been very impressed with my Ackuretta SOL 3D printer and love how Ackuretta continually strives to validate new resins and push this amazing technology forward. When I heard that Rodin Titan was validated for the SOL, I knew that resin had the potential to be an excellent choice for final veneer fabrication. Rodin Titan's amazing esthetics, superb flexibility, and easy post-processing made it an ideal choice for printed veneers. The SOL printed these restorations beautifully.

I post-processed these veneers by utilizing the "candy coating" technique, a method I learned from Dr. Wally Renne at The MOD Institute.  This allows any characterizations and stains to be locked in under a layer of the native resin, and then after final curing in my Otoflash lets me hand polish each restoration to a mirror-like finish without wiping away the final details I embedded in the veneer. The result is an amazingly esthetic, natural-looking restoration.

I was very happy with the final result, as was the patient. I look forward to seeing how these veneers hold up clinically.  For this patient, it was the perfect solution to help bridge the gap.  Once she is done growing, her untouched teeth will be ready for upgraded ceramic restorations.


Dr. Casey Bennett (DMD) practices at Lowcountry Dental Arts, focusing on customized esthetic dental restorations.

Dr. Bennett is a founding faculty member at the Modern Optimized Dentistry Institute of Charleston SC and lectures to dentists globally on advanced CAD/CAM dental techniques. He is also a clinical instructor at the Medical University of South Carolina and teaches dental students the process of same-day dental restorations utilizing the latest technology.


About Pac-Dent Rodin Titan

Pac-Dent Rodin Titan is a ceramic-filled resin, boasting over 50% ceramic content. It's uniquely formulated to offer the best wear resistance and natural aesthetics. A key advantage of Rodin Titan is its low flexural modulus, which translates to high flexibility, making it ideal for high-impact denture applications.

Specific Indications Include:

  • Permanent Indications:
    • Single-unit full contour crown, inlay, onlay and veneer restorations
  • Temporary Indications:
    •  Multiunit bridges
    •  All-on-X immediate screw-retained dentures
    • Hybrid Dentures
    • Denture tooth arches


About the Ackuretta 3D Printing Solution

The Ackuretta 3D Printing Solution is ideal for high-precision dental 3D printing. The fully validated workflows from slicing software, ALPHA AI, to SOL 3D Printer, and finally post-processing with CURIE Plus, allow a streamlined process for technicians and dentists to create intricate long-term restorations & more.

Learn more about the Ackuretta 3D Printing Solution here and start your own 3D printing journey!

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