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Ackuretta Announces Company’s Core Commitments

Ackuretta Announces Company’s Core Commitments

Ackuretta Announces 

Company's Core Commitments

Taipei, Taiwan, September 2022: Ackuretta Publishes Its Mission, Vision and Values as the Company Continues to Grow and Expand

Established in 2013, Ackuretta has always been a company that sees digital dentistry as the future.  Started in India by Ayush Bagla – who studied additive manufacturing in the UK – Ackuretta has grown into a visionary company that is leading the industry with its innovations and 3D printing technology.  Proudly based in Taiwan, the company distinguishes itself as a global player by offering high-quality, reliable products and exceptional customer service, growing a diverse and international team, and making itself accessible to all dental professionals seeking an end-to-end solution for a complete digital workflow. 

Since 2020, Ackuretta has been at the forefront of the digital dentistry world.  These clearly defined commitments will guide the company in its decisions about the future, and allow the whole Ackuretta team to be united in the same goals and vision, together.  These core commitments reflect who we want to be, and shape how we contribute to and work towards these goals each day moving forward. 

The following outlines who we are, our Core Mission, Vision, and Values.  

About Ackuretta

We are an innovative, trusted, global manufacturer of high-precision 3D printing ecosystems for dental professionals. Our high-quality ‘plug & play’ solutions bring the world of additive manufacturing and same-day dentistry to our global network. 

With validated and calibrated workflows and an open system, as well as an industry-leading 2-year warranty and outstanding training and customer support, we are a unique, competitive and accessible player in the industry.   

Since 2013, we have expanded our network to over 80 countries with key players across the globe.  Proudly based in Taiwan, we leverage its excellent ecosystem as an Asian technological hub for high-quality products, a dependable supply chain, and an excellent track record of complying with all international regulatory requirements.  



To innovate and bring a full 3D dental printing ecosystem to the world, to make same-day dentistry a reality – for the benefit of technicians, clinicians and patients.


A world where the push of a button can give you the smile of your dreams, without the hassle of waiting for hours, having multiple visits, pain and expenses. 


We are:


  1. Curiosity pushes us to create high-precision solutions as a leader in the 3D dental printing industry.
  2. Proactive and continuous learning drives us to disrupt business as usual.
  3. The multicultural diversity of our team enables us to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions


  1. High-quality products and support that make 3D dental printing solutions accessible across the globe.
  2. Operating globally and providing multilingual service and tech support – ensuring all dental professionals have the tools and confidence to streamline their dental workflow.
  3. High-end, easy-to-use quality products with a low barrier into the market make our products inclusive and accessible to all.


  1. Creating an excellent customer experience by staying true to the words we speak and the connections we make.
  2. The quality and reliability of our products are trusted, making dental professionals confident in their ability to provide exceptional patient outcomes.
  3. User-friendly ecosystems helping dental professionals to provide patient-centered care: an efficient, effective, hassle-free experience, with a keen attention to detail.

We hope that these core commitments will resonate with you, and that you feel they embody what Ackuretta is all about.  We look forward to seeing these values shine through in everything we do.  

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