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New Validated 3D Printing Workflows for Dentistry

New Validated 3D Printing Workflows for Dentistry

Validated 3D Printing Workflows for Dentistry with Ackuretta and VOCO

Ackuretta SOL Dental 3D Printer

Cuxhaven, Germany, May 2022: Ackuretta and VOCO an advantageous partnership for dental offices and labs: all 9 of the VOCO 3D printing resins are now validated for the Ackuretta end-to-end solution, encompassing SOLCLEANI and CURIE. Increased material flexibility in combination with a validated printing workflow leads to high-quality 3D printing results with each print.

„The V-Print-Family by VOCO delivers on a wide range of dental applications – with a long history of success! Our 3D printing materials are for example resistant to sedimentation making the printing process easier and less prone to failures. Customers do not need to shake resin prior to printing, can seamlessly fill in the vat of their Ackuretta SOL and produce successful prints from first to last layers within minutes,” stated by Dr. Axel Bernecker, Head of Marketing at VOCO. Quality assurance is at the core for both VOCO and Ackuretta, securing first class treatments for patients and intuitive workflows for dental professionals. 

“It is a great pleasure to announce that VOCO and Ackuretta have joined forces to provide premium printing workflows – together we are prioritizing end-to-end solutions making chairside dentistry a reality for dental professionals,” states Ayush Bagla, CEO and Founder of Ackuretta. “Ackuretta and VOCO strive to uphold the commitment to highly flexible workflows. The Ackuretta dental 3D printer, SOL elevates any dental workflow into a premium experience by combining it with the high-quality 3D printing resins by VOCO, the printed results  exceed expectations.”

SOL 3D printer build platform with occlusal splints

V-Print printing materials from VOCO: flexible and safe... without shaking!

The materials of the V-Print family can be used in a variety of ways - from the production of models, retainers, transparent splints and gingiva-colored prosthetics to individual trays and try-in models to sterilizable drilling templates for navigated implantology. Product development is carried out exclusively by an interdisciplinary research team made up of dental technicians, dental engineers and chemists, who use their practical knowledge as the basis for their work. The results are printed objects that score with the highest level of precision and stability. Particularly practical: the V-Print products do not have to be shaken up but are ready to use - this saves time and energy! 

Aside from the Ackuretta SOL, FreeShape 120 is also compatible with a variety of VOCO 3D printing resins: V-Print model, V-Print model fast, and the V-Print cast resins. 

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Kerstin Hastedt, VOCO GmbH – Public Relations Tel.: +49 (0) 4721 719-1732, E-Mail :

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