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ALPHA AI Integration with DeltaFace CAD Software

ALPHA AI Integration with DeltaFace CAD Software

Ackuretta Partners with Coruo to Enable Increased Integration in Orthodontic Workflow

Taipei, Taiwan (December 6, 2023) - Ackuretta is pleased to announce the integration of its ALPHA AI slicing software with DeltaFace, a CAD software designed by CORUO.

Users who design Orthodontic Appliances (Aligner) and Dental Model (Arch Base) applications in DeltaFace will now be able to easily export the files to ALPHA AI to prepare them for printing. This time-saving, one-click function is available for all types of print orientations, including vertical printing.

ALPHA AI Premium changes the game with auto-orientation which allows users to orient an application, add AI-generated supports, and save the file in stl format for export to their dental 3D printer.

Deltaface allows users to import standard stl files from all types of dental 3D scanners including intraoral scanners.

“Collaboration with Coruo’s DeltaFace CAD software advances our target to integrate Ackuretta’s 3D Printing Solution across the entire Dental 3D Printing workflow from scan to polishing,” said Ackuretta CEO Ayush Bagla. “It is part of our goal for making the value proposition for 3D printing even clearer, and enhancing the user experience.”

This integration is accessible for users of both products as of December 6, 2023.

About Ackuretta

Ackuretta is a global manufacturer of high-precision 3D printing solutions for dental professionals. Our high-quality “plug-and-play” solutions bring the world of additive manufacturing and same-day dentistry to our global network.

With validated and calibrated workflows, an open system, and outstanding training and customer support, Ackuretta is a unique, competitive, and accessible player in the industry.

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Founded in 2010, CORUO, is a software development company specializing in 3D technology, including mathematical algorithms and interactive visualization.

In 2015, Coruo focused on the dental sector, developing the Deltaface orthodontic software suite. Thanks to partnerships with renowned dental laboratories and orthodontists, exclusive tools and modules have been developed. The software is constantly adapting to the demands of the market and developing innovative tools.

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