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A smooth and direct integration: Ackuretta with exocad

A smooth and direct integration: Ackuretta with exocad


Taipei City, Taiwan (April 2023) - The global manufacturer of state-of-the-art 3D printers and post-processing solutions - Ackuretta, has integrated with one of the top players in the dental CAD/CAM software industry - exocad. Thanks to the new partnership, users of exocad’s DentalCAD and exoplan software can accelerate their workflows by directly transferring design files to Ackuretta’s AI-assisted slicing software ALPHA AI. Accuracy is further enhanced thanks to the fully validated parameters for the Ackuretta CURO resins.

The parameters for CURO Guide, Pro Cast, Crown, Pro Denture, Splint, Pro Splint, and the Model resins CURO Elements white and beige are pre-set to further enhance the printing performance. 

Smooth-running digital dental workflows - efficiency at its best

The conjunction of exocad’s versatile CAD software and Ackuretta’s ALPHA AI, create effortless workflows with the push of a button. Users can now employ exocad’s exoprint tool to automatically open ALPHA AI and transfer designs swiftly.

exocad’s software now includes pre-set printing parameters for the Ackuretta CURO resin library including settings for Crown, Bridge, Denture, Surgical Guide, and Splint printing further enhancing the accuracy and success rate of 3D printing with the Ackuretta and exocad integrative solution.  The collaboration between Ackuretta and exocad provides dental experts with the most efficient tools to save time and money while obtaining the best results for each patient.

Open software and hardware for maximum versatility & quality

“There are few companies out there that match our core values this much,” says Ayush Bagla, CEO and Founder of Ackuretta. “exocad’s philosophy of offering customers the freedom of open software and hardware goes hand in hand with Ackuretta’s open system 3D printing solutions. We want to provide our customers with the best of the best while allowing them the freedom of choosing how to reach their goals.” 

Click here to learn more about how our 3D printing and post-processing solutions are the perfect fit for your dental 3D printing needs: 

Go to exocad’s website to get access to the printer presets that will allow you to obtain the best results:

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