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Dental 3D Printing Resin - CURO Crown

Dental 3D Printing Resin - CURO Crown


for 3D printing aesthetic dental restorations

The Future is CURO.

3D printing dental crowns has become a staple for digital dental offices due to the ease with which they are manufactured & delivered to the patient. 

A frequent concern with these temporary restorations, which often need to last several weeks until a permanent dental crown or bridge can be delivered, is the strength of the material.

With a flexural strength of 90 MPa and a flexural modulus of 2000 MPa, CURO Crown provides a strong basis for 3D printed long-term crowns & bridges, (removable) denture teeth and implant-supported prostheses.

CURO Crown is available in four shades (A1, A2, A3.5, and B3), is easily stainable, and delivers high precision 3D prints on Ackuretta’s 3D printers for dentistry, SOL, and DENTIQ.

CURO Crown - Royal Versatility

Crown and bridges are among the best performing dental applications in terms of ROI for dental professionals. The cost and time savings of 3D printing in-house C&B is unbeatable. While dental labs often need weeks to fulfill on traditionally manufactured C&Bs, a 3D printed crown can be prepared, printed, and finished with Ackuretta’s 3D printing solution in less than 1.5 to 1 hour.  

 The benefit for the patient is significant. The number of visits and chair time is easily halved, making visits to the dental office less troublesome and time-consuming. Dental professionals opting for in-house 3D printing C&B save on average $104 per 3-unit bridge in lab fees - increasing their own profits per case significantly.

Best practices for 3D Printing Crowns & Bridges

Do you want to learn how to  3D print crowns & bridges in-house? Then check out Ackuretta's YouTube channel for a MasterClass for Crowns & Bridges and a lot more educational content.

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