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3D Printing Resins for Dental Models

3D Printing Resins for Dental Models

3D Printing Dental Models with CURO Element

Digital wax-ups, study models, and for implant planning - print with CURO Element.

3D printing dental models is the fastest way to get a return on your investment for your 3D printing equipment. Dental models are needed in various ways at dental offices if it’s for patient education, wax-ups, or implant/surgery planning - accuracy is key. But ordering a dental model from a dental lab costs about $20 each time & will take either days or even weeks to be delivered.

With Ackuretta’s 3D printing solution and the newly released CURO Element White & Beige producing dental models in-house is fast, time & cost-effective - saving you $18.40 per model.

What's new with CURO Element?

The new formulation is ideal not just for wax-ups & accurate models but also for thermoforming aligners. A single aligner produced by a lab costs on average $52, with the right in-house skill or good design service, an in-house aligner production is highly profitable & allows you to deliver aligners to your patients within hours of their first visit.

CURO Element Beige & White supports dental professionals in their work with high aesthetics that visualize anatomical details with precision. 

In combination with the Ackuretta 3D printers, SOL and DENTIQ, high quality products can be delivered conveniently.

CURO Element Beige by Ackuretta

A frequent concern in the dental 3D printing community is that white model resin shades are too bright to really be able to see important indicators on the models. Thus, we've designed CURO Element white to hit that sweet spot between aesthetic whiteness and just enough translucency to still reveal the intricate anatomic details

For those that prefer darker colors for dental models, the matte dark beige color of CURO Element beige offers a perfect alternative.

Return on Investment with CURO Element

A lot of dental professional dabble with the thought of entering 3D printing but are unsure of the cost involved & the return on investment. So let's shed some light on it - what's the material cost per dental model with CURO Element?

$1.60 per model - based on the average lab fee per model ($20) - you can save over $600 per CURO Element by simply printing your own models in-house.

CURO Element prints per bottle

Learn How to 3D Print Dental Models In-House

Well, there's a lot to learn for 3D printing in dentistry. Since dental models don't require biocompatible printing, it is a risk-free starter application that anyone can easily get acquainted with. To really get going with digital dentistry in your office, we recommend to first read our guide on "What to expect when investing in a dental 3D printing workflow".

If you already have your equipment, I recommend subscribing the Ackuretta YouTube channel to stay-up-to-date with our pro tip videos all about improving your application workflows. 

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