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You can always find the most recent version of Ackuretta software on this page. Earlier versions are not available for download because we do not provide support for outdated versions and are always working to make improvements.

Alpha 3D

Alpha 3D (v 1.8.2)

When you are installing Alpha 3D and in a specific situation (i.e. the installer is expired), an alert is shown and the installation process cannot complete. You must complete the following procedure.

  1. Delete the installer that triggered the alert.
  2. Check the date and time on your computer to make sure they are correctly set (but this is not usually an issue).
  3. Download the most recent version of the the installer (v 1.8.2) and try again. If the new installer is also affected, please contact Ackuretta Support for help.



Firmware is the software that is embedded into your 3D printer. The firmware controls how your device behaves, and we recommend that you update the firmware when you first set up your printer and whenever a new version becomes available. New firmware fixes bugs, contains new features, and adds materials.

FreeShape 120

FreeShape Firmware (v1.2.2-541d0)

The FreeShape 120 regularly checks for new firmware if it is connected to the internet. You can also download the firmware and manually load it onto your printer. The latest version of the FreeShape firmware is v1.2.2-541d0.


Diplo Firmware


Ackuray Firmware