The Ackuretta UV Box is a compact curing oven lined with long-life ultraviolet LED lights for enhanced curing performance. The reflective stainless steel chamber and bottom mirror surface provides even curing to all sides. The UV Box is designed with two modes, continuous and flash, to ensure all resins that react to wavelengths 365, 385, and 405nm can cure completely and efficiently, with strengthened print hardness.  

Prices do not include import duties and taxes that may apply in your country.

SMALL footprint.

MIRROR SURFACE enhances curing performance.

365/385/405 nm mix matrix LEDs for a thorough cure.

Flash function 10 flashes/second strengthens print hardness.

Suitable for CLASS I materials.

Ackuretta Ecosystem

Envision a future where dental clinics have a solution to 3D print end-product restorations chairside with lower cost, and higher efficiency. From hardware, software, finishing solution, materials, to training resources and documentation, Ackuretta keeps everything in-house and up-to-date.