Personalized Training

One-on-One Specialized Sessions

Our team is dedicated to support you as you explore the Ackuretta 3D Printing Solution.

Our Personalized Training Sessions will cover:

Onboarding Session

Get step-by-step guidance to set up and install your Ackuretta product, along with personalized support for your first 3D print. Feel confident exploring the full potential of your device with our expert assistance.

Advanced Session

Master your dental 3D printing skills with the assistance of our experienced support team. We will walk you through the best practices for using ALPHA AI slicing software and rest of the Ackuretta 3D Printing Solution.

Specific Application Workflow Training

Achieve successful prints every time with the guidance of our customer success team’s insights and best practices for any application you need, such as Splint, Model, Crown, Surgical Guide and more.

Support & Troubleshooting

Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that your device is running smoothly and efficiently. Whether you need assistance with troubleshooting, diagnostics, repair, or maintenance of your Ackuretta device, we are here to help.