High Precision Chair-side Solutions

The Ackuretta FreeShape

The Ackuretta FreeShape is a professional-grade 3D printer that offers high resolution and open material platform for direct manufacturing applications across many markets.

Complete Workflow Solutions

Open Material System

High Resolution 47μm

Smooth Surface Printing

Consistent and Reliable Performance

The FreeShape offers optimized resin-curing control, dimensional stability, and high accuracy.

Laser SLA
LCD Printer

High Accuracy

Built for professionals, the FreeShape achieves a level of precision and performance unparalleled by any other LCD printer.

Smooth Surface Finish

The Z axis has been optimized for high reliability, consistent performance, and smooth surfaces requiring minimal post-processing.

Open Material System

The FreeShape 120 is calibrated for optimum performance with
Qura, Dreve and Keystone materials.

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FreeShape 120

High-precision, Chair-side 3D Printer

3D Printing Technology LCD
Machine Size 25 x 21 x 38cm
Weight 9 Kg
Printing Size 120 x 68 x 140 mm
X Y Resolution 47 μm
Slice Thickness 25-100 microns
Resin Wavelength 405 nm

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