Finishing Kit

Transform your 3D prints into safe and ready-to-use items for applications in jewelry, dentistry, and manufacturing. From cleaning to supports-cutting and curing, the Ackuretta Finishing Kit has you covered.

To clean prints

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Efficiently removes the uncured resin from difficult to reach nook and crannies, preserving the intricate details of your print.

To dry prints

Air Blower

Efficiently removes excess IPA solution from printed part, preventing corrosion Provides enough power to dry the part without damaging it, which is often the result of industrial driers

To cut supports

Ultrasonic Cutter

Heat and vibration makes cutting supports seem like cutting through butter Prevents breakage as less force is used during cutting Minimizes possibility of support marks, leaving a smooth and pristine finish

To cure prints

UV Oven

Internal mirrors provide maximum radiance of light to printed parts UV bulbs cure 10x faster than RBG bulbs found in generic UV ovens Internal thermal management system prevents possibility of melting and deforming of parts

How it Work

Made for both beginners and professionals, the Essential and Full Finishing Kits transform your 3D prints into durable, safe to handle, and professional-grade end products.

Cleaning and Drying your Print

After the printer finishes your 3D print, the print still requires some preparation before it is ready for painting, presentation, or using in a machine. Clean and dry the print so that no liquid resin remains when you do further print curing.

Finishing Your Print

The 3D printer cures the resin to a certain level and requires support material to maintain structure during the printing process. After completing this part of the process, your print will be ready for modifications specific to its purpose, such as painting or metal molding.

Cleaning your Printer

When you are finished printing using a resin, clean your printer and dispose of your waste properly. If you still intend to print during this session with the same resin, you usually can reuse your resin and IPA.