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Meet FLOW - Certified Class II Dental 3D Printing Resins

Meet FLOW - Certified Class II Dental 3D Printing Resins

Class II Certified Biocompatible Resins Set New Standard for Long-Term Temporary Restorations

July 10, 2024 - As digital dentistry advances, the demand for precise, aesthetically superior, and biocompatible materials continues to grow. Dental professionals seeking to provide patients with natural-looking, safe, and durable temporary restorations now have access to a groundbreaking solution. 

Introducing FLOW, Ackuretta's new line of Class II certified biocompatible dental 3D printing resins that combines cutting-edge material science with advanced printing technology. This innovative series, comprising specialized formulations for crowns, bridges, dentures, bite splints, and more, has secured certifications from the FDA, Health Canada, and MDR.

They enable dental practitioners to create high-precision, long-lasting restorations that meet the highest standards of patient care and satisfaction.

Precision-Engineered for Dental Excellence

The FLOW line offers dental professionals a validated solution for creating high-precision, long-lasting restorations and applications: 
  • FLOW C&B*: Ceramic-filled, radiopaque, abrasion-resistant resin for long-term Class II provisional restorations. Available in A1, A2, A3, and Bleach shades. Ideal for temporary crowns, bridges, denture teeth, veneers and more 
  • FLOW Hard Splint: Designed for creating transparent bite splints, this resin offers superior durability and ensures a clinically accurate fit.
  • FLOW Denture: Creates highly esthetic, natural-looking denture bases for comfortable, long-term wear. A high-impact material that resists high temperatures without deforming, guaranteeing the perfect fit, 

Unparalleled Benefits for Dental Practices and Laboratories

  • Biocompatible and Certified: FLOW resins are certified as a Class II medical device by the FDA, Health Canada, and MDR, ensuring health standards and patient safety. 
  • Exceptional Printability: FLOW C&B and FLOW Denture feature a lower viscosity formula, facilitating reliable printing, easier post-processing, and improved stability after IPA cleaning.
  • Seamless Integration: FLOW resins are optimized for Ackuretta 3D printing systems - including the recently launched NFinity Nitrogen Generator, ensuring consistent, high-quality prints and predictable outcomes for validated biocompatible applications.

Elevate Your Practice with FLOW 

By incorporating FLOW resins into your digital workflow, you'll be equipped to offer patients superior, long-lasting restorations while streamlining your production process. 

*For Ackuretta users in North America: FLOW C&B will replace the existing CURO Crown Resin. 

About Ackuretta  

Ackuretta is a global manufacturer of high-precision 3D printing solutions for dental professionals. Our high-quality “plug-and-play” solutions bring the world of additive manufacturing and same-day dentistry to our global network.  

With validated and calibrated workflows, an open system, and outstanding training and customer support, Ackuretta is a unique, and competitive player in the industry. 

Visit our website to learn more.   

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