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Ackuretta & BEGO for Fully Validated Workflows

Ackuretta & BEGO for Fully Validated Workflows

Fully Validated 3D Printing Workflow with Ackuretta & BEGO’s 3D
 Printing Materials for Dental Restorations

BEGO VarseoSmile Crown plus is now fully validated for the curing unit, CURIE by Ackuretta.

Bremen, Germany, February 2022:  Ackuretta's premium, class II UV curing oven, CURIE, has been validated for BEGO's VarseoSmile Crown plus and  VarseoSmile Temp materials providing a start-to-finish validated 3D printing workflow with Ackuretta's SOL and DENTIQ 3D printers ensuring patient safety. 

The innovation drivers in the dental 3D printing field, Ackuretta, and BEGO, the dental specialist with over 130 years of experience in the dental industry, are partnering to provide dental professionals with end-to-end validated dental workflows for the game-changing 3D printing materials by BEGO. The curing parameters for BEGO's VarseoSmile Crown plus and VarseoSmile Temp are now available for CURIE by Ackuretta.

Addressing the need for safe, validated workflows that ensure the biocompatibility of class II dental applications, Ackuretta and BEGO performed extensive testing for the class II curing unit, CURIE by Ackuretta, to ensure safe 3D printed permanent and temporary restorations with the BEGO materials VarseoSmile Crown plus and VarseoSmile Temp

CURIE provides a consistent cure thanks to its uniform 360° light distribution and a 365/385/405nm mix-matrix for improved rigidity. CURIE is an ideal future-proof device for any office with a convenient customization process and preloaded resin profiles, the latest addition being BEGO's VarseoSmile Crown plus and VarseoSmile Temp.

CURIE by Ackuretta validated for BEGO VarseoSmile Crown plus

As the world’s first approved tooth-colored, ceramic-filled hybrid material for 3D printing of permanent restorations, VarseoSmile Crown plus provides dental professionals with the unique opportunity to create crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers within minutes and at a minimal material cost. 

“Our material enables a fast supply possibility with an excellent price-performance ratio. The printed restorations are also characterized by high aesthetics, low aging and discoloration tendency, and high comfort for the patient. Extensive scientific studies by renowned universities and institutes confirm the excellent features of restorations made of VarseoSmile Crown plus," reports Thomas Kwiedor, Head of Business Development 3D Printing at BEGO.

“With the improvement of material science for temporary and permanent restorations, dental professionals are increasingly adopting the 3D printing workflow with materials such as VarseoSmile Crown plus and VarseoSmile Temp, reports Ayush Bagla, CEO of Ackuretta. “It thus needs to be our goal to ensure that all printed and cured parts meet our rigorous testing standards. We are excited to announce that Ackuretta's 3D printing solution is now fully validated for the BEGO materials VarseoSmile Crown plus and VarseoSmile Temp.” 

Ackuretta and BEGO materials are available online or across the globe with selected distributors. VarseoSmile Crown plus and VarseoSmile Temp will be available for CURIE users by February 2022.  

Ackuretta 3D printing solution and BEGO VarseoSmile Crown plus

About BEGO

The BEGO Group is one of the internationally leading specialists in the field of prosthodontics and implant dentistry. Founded in 1890, the traditional German company provides dental technicians and dentists with innovative devices, instruments, materials, implants, services, and methods for the production and processing of dental restorations. 

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