Using the Printer Console Functions

The Ackuray Console has several functions regarding the print process and file management. The Print function is fully described in the topic Printing from the Ackuray Console. This topic describes the other features on the console.

When you start up the Ackuray printer, the first screen with options that appears is the Main Menu. The Main Menu comprises the major functions that the printer performs.

Print Perform a 3D print. The File Manager opens to select your print file. After configuring a few settings, the printer will begin printing.
Printer Settings Set the default settings used when printing. The settings contained in this section are as follows:

  • First layer curing time
  • Number of layers in the print buffer
Clean VAT Prepare the Duravat for cleaning. This function cures a layer of resin at the bottom of the vat, so that a user can easily remove any incorrectly cured or broken pieces lying on the bottom.
File Manager Manage the files in the printer memory. This function has several options, including viewing print files, copying files from USB devices to printer memory, and deleting files from the printer.

Printer Settings

Select Printer Settings on the main menu to set the default settings used when printing. The screens in this section adjust how strong of a base that the printer uses to hold the print to the build platform. For both of these screens, press the left (←) and right (→) directional arrows to the digit that you want to change.  Press the up (↑) and down (↓) directional arrows to adjust that number. After you have chosen the curing time that you want to use, press the right control button (Next) to continue.

The first screen shows the curing time of the first layer. The first layer attaches to the build platform, so it requires additional curing time or else the print may fall off the platform and fail. All other layers of the print use the curing time set on the file or the adjusted curing time set in the Print process.

The next screen shows the amount of buffer layers to be printed before actually making the print itself. These buffer layers use the curing time of the print, but are additional layers that make up the base. Again, the purpose of these layers is to hold the print to the platform during the print process.


After setting the Curing Time and Buffer Layers, the console returns to the Main Menu.

Clean VAT

The vat cleaning function is designed to allow you to clean your vat without emptying the vat and pouring the resin back in. In turn, this function saves you time and material that would be lost during the double transition to remove all the resin and then pour it all back in. The way the Ackuray accomplishes this is by curing a layer of resin at the bottom of the Duravat which hardens around sediments and improperly cured spots. Then you can easily peel that cured bottom layer away, taking those pieces with it.

The Clean VAT screen only has the function to start the Duravat cleaning process. Hold the right control button (Clean) and the projector will begin running. The projector will cure the bottom of the entire vat without the build platform in place. After curing the resin for a few seconds, the projector will turn off and the console returns to the Main Menu.


After the projector turns off, use a hard piece of paper (a business card or note card is ideal) or a rubber spatula to lightly scrape the bottom of the Duravat with the resin still inside. The cured portion of the resin will peel away in a layer. Carefully remove the layer from the Duravat and dispose of it with your other disposed resin. For details about resin disposal, see Resin Care.

File Manager

The Ackuray has 500 MB of on-board memory that can be used to store files to print later. The File Manager allows you to delete files off of the printer memory and copy files to the printer from your USB devices.

When you access the File Manager, the first screen shows the memory locations, as well as one option that allows you to view your available disk space.


If you select either USB device 1 or 2 or Printer Memory, the next screen shows the available files in that location. Use the right control button (Next) to turn to the next page. Use the up (↑) and down (↓) directional arrows to select a print file and view its information.

If you select a file from the Printer Memory, you can press the right control button (Delete) to remove the file from the printer.

On the other hand, if you select a file from a USB device, you can press the right control button (Copy) to copy the file to the printer memory.

Finally, to check the available memory on the printer, from the File Manager screen, select Printer Disk Space.