QuraDENT was developed for dental model manufacturing. With opaque optical properties and matte finish, this material is an ideal choice for printing dental models that are extensively used in laboratories. QuraDENT reproduces fine details present in models and is recommended for the dental applications that necessitate high accuracy, a fine surface finish, and a high dimensional stability. QuraDENT is economically designed but still packs a high performance-to-price ratio.


  • Dental Models


  • Opaque with matte finish
  • High accuracy
  • Dimensional stability
  • Strength and durability

Quantity: 1000g

QuraDENT Material Safety Data Sheet

QuraDENT Prints

QuraDENT Product Description


Application Dental Models
Color Yellow
Appearance Opaque
Viscosity (at 30°C) 165m.Pas
Density (at 25°C) 1.12 g/cm^3
Water Content (%) <0.3
Ec, critical exposure (mJ/cm2) 20.5
Dp, depth of light penetration (mm) 0.102
Resolution Support 50~100 micron
Mechanical Properties (post-cured)
Shore Harness 80 D
Tensile Strength, MPA 60
Elongation at Break, % 9

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