Taking the Work out of Workflow


Cleani is designed with dual tanks for a two-stage cleaning process that allows for heavy and fine washes. With a workflow that's three times faster, Cleani consumes 50% less alcohol than a manual wash and effectively removes 90% of uncured resins from prints.

  • A seamless move from Printer to Washer
  • Clean both the build platform and prints in one move
  • Dual tanks for an optimal 2-stage cleaning solution
  • Save 50% alcohol consumption in the cleaning process
  • Clean 90% Resin Residue with less time and effort
3D Printing TechnologyLCD
Machine Size25 x 23 x 38cm
Weight9 Kg
Printing Size120 x 68 x 140 mm
X Y Resolution47 μm
Slice Thickness30-150 microns
Resin Wavelength385-405 nm
MAX. Power75W

A Seamless Move from Printer to Washer

Clean Both the Build Platform and Prints
in One Move

Workflow Accelerated by 40%


Less Alcohol Used


Clean Resin Residue