Unboxing and Setup

Under normal situations, your Ackuray will arrive at your country’s customs office in less than one week. The weight of your package vary depending on the model of printer and whether you purchased a Finishing Kit or Starter Kit, but the dimensions of the package are standard. The outer box arrives on a fitted wood pallet with multiple sorted boxes inside.

Pallet dimensions (L × W × H) 91.1 × 63.2 × 12.0 cm
Outer box dimensions (L × W × H) 90.1 × 62.2 × 90.0 cm
Package weight 33Kg to 38Kg

Unboxing Your Ackuray


The Ackuray package contains 4 boxes inside of it. However, the smaller boxes may be empty if you did not purchase the additional components. The major parts of the package are as follows:


A Finishing Kit: Non-Mechanical Items
B Finishing Kit: Mechanical Items
C Starter Kit
D Ackuray Printer
Ackuray Boxing

Ackuray Printer Packaging

Ackuray Packaging

Finishing Kit: Non-Mechanical Items


1 Tweezers
2 Rubber spatula
3 Scraper
4 Funnel
5 Wire filter
Ackuretta Finishing Kit

Finishing Kit: Mechanical Items


1 UV oven
2 Air blower
3 Ultrasonic cutter
4 Ultrasonic cleaner


Ackuretta Finishing Kit

Starter Kit


1 Build platform
2 Duravat resin tanks (3)
Ackuretta Starter Kit

Check that all the components that you have purchased are in the package. If any items are missing or damaged, send a message to Ackuretta support.

Choosing your Printing Location


After unboxing your Ackuray, the next step is to decide where to place it. Consider the following when deciding the ideal location to be working with your printer:


  • Temperature range: 15-30°C (60-85°F)

During printing, if the resins are too hot or too cold, they may not cure properly. It is best to have your printer in a dry, temperature-controlled room.


  • Controllable lighting

The UV-protected door of the Ackuray protects the resin from inconsistent curing due to outside lighting, but when you open the door, light can partially cure the resin. An ideal environment for printing would be a room with thick curtains or blinds that can be closed to prevent sunlight as well as multiple levels of light. During printing, use a lower light setting, and use a higher amount of light for finishing the prints after the Ackuray process has completed.


  • Enough space for the full process

Depending on the types of prints you regularly create, you will certainly need additional tools for the full printing process. Leave plenty of counter space available so that you can place prints and other components on the table, usually onto micro-fiber cloths or newspaper. Additionally, have all the machines available that you need, such as an ultrasonic cleaner or UV oven as found in the Ackuray Finishing Kit.

For most users, Ackuretta recommends a counter or sturdy table with at least 5 × 2.5 m (16 × 8 feet) of free space. Additionally, you will need sufficient nearby cabinet or closet space to hold your resins and vats, including room for separate reused resins and vats.


The power supply, USB port, and door hinge are on the right side of the printer. Ensure that the right side of the printer has at least 60 cm (2 feet) of space from the nearest wall.

Setting Up your Printer


The Ackuray was designed to be plug-and-play, so setup is minimal. The printer is packaged with the Duravat and build platform already installed, so no assembly is required. Each printer is pre-calibrated, so no calibration or other setup is necessary either. To get your printer ready, all that you need to do is as follows:


  1. Place your printer in your chosen location.
  2. Attach the power cable to the power socket .
  3. When you want to print, press the power button to turn on the printer.


Before using your printer, you will need a 3D model that has been converted to a proper print format. For information about making your 3D model, see Making your 3D Model. To convert your 3D model to a proper format, use Ackuretta Visualizer or Visualizer+ software. After you have a 3D model, you will need to do other preparation as described in Getting your Printer Ready.

Ackuray Printer Side