Ackuray Introduction

The Ackuray is a professional-grade DLP 3D printer developed by Ackuretta Technologies to deliver industrial 3D printing quality to an affordable price point for small businesses and hobbyists. The top-of-the-line components within the Ackuray ensure that the Ackuray lasts for many years and requires no calibration over its lifetime. The Duravat™ technology and algorithms within the Ackuray ensure that each print is perfect down to the tiniest detail.

This set of tutorials and guides help you to get up-and-running with the Ackuray, as well as show you how to clean, cure, cut, and finish your print. Additionally, these guides include how to use the Visualizer software which makes the slicing files that match the Ackuray specifications.


Ackuray Help Topics


Safety Guidelines Read these precautions before working with the Ackuray or the materials used during print creation.
Printer Overview View the parts of the Ackuray and its product dimensions.
What You Need Put together the tools you need to go from 3D model to complete and finished print.
Unboxing and Setup Take the Ackuray, Finishing Kit, and Starter Kit out of the box and store them in an appropriate place for your workflow.
Making your 3D Model Follow these basic tips and measurements when designing your CAD files to export for 3D printing.
Getting your Printer Ready Physically prepare your printer by checking the vat and build platform, filling the machine with resin, and turning the printer on.
Printing from the Ackuray Console Use the LED console on the Ackuray to start printing.
Using the Printer Console Functions Perform the other tasks available on the Ackuray console, including changing the default settings, cleaning the vat, and managing your files.