Built with very few moving parts, our 3D printers offers optimal reliability. Ackuretta guarantees high quality products and backs this up with lifetime technical support.


What is the Ackuray?

The Ackuray is a high-precision 3D printer developed by Ackuretta Technologies using cutting-edge Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology. The simple interface, extreme accuracy, and affordable price make sure that the Ackuray meets the needs of both industries and hobbyists alike.

The Ackuray comes in 2 models–A135, and A96–in order to customize your printer to your specific need. Along with the specialized Ackuretta Qura resins, the Ackuray ensures a standard of perfection in specialist industries, such as jewelry, dental, manufacturing, and more. All variants of the Ackuray are built to push the boundaries of product design, increase efficiency, and translate your ideas into capital.

What is the difference between the Ackuretta Ackuray and other 3D printers?

There are many different types of 3D printers in the market, ranging from hobby-grade and DIY models to industrial-scale and massive niche printers. DIY printers often require more maintenance and hassle than the supposed savings you get from using them and as such are rather unreliable. Industrial printers come with large price tags that are too daunting for those less experienced with 3D printing.

We aspire to bring the possibilities of 3D printing solutions both to novice innovators and serious professionals without sacrificing quality. Every part of the Ackuray printer is designed with print quality in mind, starting with our top-of-the-line projectors and moving all the way to the level of clarity in our resin vats. We want our users to get the perfect print every time, so we have ensured that our computational algorithms in our printers deliver consistent results to the finest detail. For an in-depth comparison, see our tech specs for each printer.

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What is the build volume/envelope of the Ackuray?

The build volume or envelope describes the largest size of prints the Ackuray can produce each print. Each Ackuray model has a different build envelope size.

Model Build Volume Size
Ackuray A96 96 x 54 x 130 mm
Ackuray A135 135 x 76 x 130 mm

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What is the resolution of the Ackuray?

The resolution of a 3D printer comes in two forms: the depth of each slice, called the “layer thickness”, and the resolution of each slice in the length and width directions, normally called the “XY resolution”. Effectively, these specifications show how detailed each print can be.

Model Layer Thickness Accuracy
A96 0.001 – 0.100 mm ± 25 μm
A135 0.001 – 0.100 mm ± 35 μm

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How fast can the Ackuray print?

The print speed depends on the layer thickness. At 100 micron (0.1 mm) layer thickness, the Ackuray prints at 4 cm per hour along the Z-axis. The amount of objects in one print does not affect the print speed, but always ensure that you leave proper space between different objects for their supports and base. With proper spacing and management, for example, you could reasonably print up to 65 rings in 1 ½ hours or 10 dental models in 2 hours.

How do I use the Ackuray?

The online help describes the full printing process, from the design stage all the way to the post-processing and clean-up stages.

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How do I set up the Ackuray?

Besides unboxing the printer and placing it in a proper location, the Ackuray is mostly ready out of the box. The online help includes a complete Getting Started section to get you up and running.

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What do I need to use the Ackuray?

Ackuretta offers a professional Finishing Kit that includes the tools you need to finish your prints, and a Starter Kit with 3 Duravats and 1 Ackuray build platform to hot-swap print jobs of different resins.

With the Ackuray and Finishing Kit, there are only a few things you still need to make a print:

  • Computer: Minimum requirements:
    1. CPU: Intel i3 1.7 GHz
    2. RAM: 4 GB
    3. GPU: 1 GB GDDR5
    4. Disk space: 2 GB free space
    5. Software: CAD or 3D modeling software (For software recommendations, see 3D Modelling Tools.)
  • 200 mL of resin used for printing: Recommended: Have at least 1 liter available.
  • 1 liter of IPA solution (99% concentration): 99% solution is recommended for the cleaning, but 90-95% solutions may suffice.
  • 5 sheets of sandpaper of varying grit sizes: For best results, use ISO/FEPA grit sizes from P220 to P500, or CAMI grit sizes from 220 to 360.
  • 1 plastic container (at least 150 x 150 x 220 mm) for initial cleaning: Do not use the same container for multiple different resins, as it may cause contamination.
  • Tissues or paper towels as needed


What resins / materials work with the Ackuray?

Ackuray printers are open material systems and allow for flexibility when choosing resins for us. Ackuretta has produced several of its own resins that are engineered to work ideally with the Ackuray printers:

Tough and accurate material for manufacturing and engineering purposes QuraGP, QuraWAX, QuraCLEAR
Pressure absorbent and heat-resistant material for highly accurate dental models, quadrants, and dies QuraDENT
High burnout casting material with low thermal expansion for metallic objects such as jewelry QuraWAX

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Each material has been tried and tested to produce consistent, high-resolution prints.

Do third-party resins work with the Ackuray?

The Ackuray is compatible with Qura resins, NextDent resins, and Dreve FotoDent resins. While similar resins from other companies may work with the Ackuray, it is possible that other resins may not cure properly or may become unstable during the printing process.

How many prints can I make out of one resin bottle?

The answer to this question depends on a number of factors, including the size and weight of the model, whether the model is hollowed, and if the resin is stored and reused properly. Each bottle is 1L, and can produce up to about 1 kg worth of prints.

Here are a few simple estimates:

  • Rings (about 1g): 1000 rings per bottle
  • Dental molds (about 20g): 50 molds per bottle
  • Engineering parts (about 40g): 25 parts per bottle
What is the shelf-life of the resin?

Under ideal circumstances, with proper sealing, Qura resins last 1 year after opening.

Can your resins be used for lost-wax casting?

Ackuretta QuraWAX resin can be used for investment casting, perfect for jewelry-making. QuraWAX offers clean burnout with low shrinkage so it maintains high resolution during the casting process. However, QuraWAX are photopolymers, not waxes. It is engineered to provide the best accuracy and casting performance, but the casting process will differ from the standard wax-casting material.

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How should I store and re-use the resin?

After pouring the resin into the Duravat and completing a print, you can continue to print from the same vat of resin, assuming that the print finished smoothly and there are no contaminants in the vat. After you finish a session of printing, check the resin quality, and then you can store the resin for future use. Pour the resin into a clean container separate from the other resin to avoid contamination.

All resins, whether opened or unused, should be stored in a cool, dry, ventilated space away from sunlight with temperatures not exceeding 35°C (95°F). Store the resin an opaque container to shield the resin from exposure to light, and never place the resin in close proximity to sources of heat, ignition, and fire.


Does the Ackuray require specific software on my computer in order to run?

The Ackuray includes its own firmware that reads STL and MGX files directly from a USB device and does not require a computer connection or separate software to print.

The Ackuray comes with a 3-year license to Materialise Visualizer software for print file preparation. Visualizer has options to easily clean up meshes for STL and MGX files by finding deformities, gaps, inverted normals, and other problems associated with printing. When you create a print job, Visualizer automatically attaches supports to the model to make a successful print. Visualizer then exports the model into a special print file so that you can move it to a USB device for printing with the Ackuray.

What are the minimum system requirements to run Visualiser
CPU Intel Pentium 3.0 GHz
RAM 2.0 GB
GPU Discrete NVidia or ATI/AMD card
Disk space 200 MB free
Operating system Windows 7 or 8 SP1

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What software can be used to make the 3D models for printing?

There are numerous 3D modeling and creation software and hardware on the market that can create print models. The only major requirement of the tool is that you can export the model as an STL or MGX file.

Support / Warranty

What warranty does Ackuretta offer?

The Ackuray comes with a 1-year warranty.

This warranty does not include consumables, the DLP chipset, and the items in the Finishing Kit. Any damage to the printer, including direct, indirect, or incidental damage, nullifies the warranty.

Read more: Terms of ServiceWarranty and Return Policy

What service can I receive from Ackuretta?

To get your first prints working correctly, Ackuretta recommends reading our online help, our tutorials, and troubleshooting steps. These guides can help you resolve most of the normal problems people encounter with Ackuretta printers and resins.

If you have a problem not shown in the documentation, send us a support ticket and our technical engineers will help you solve your issue.

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What service does Ackuretta provide after warranty?

Ackuretta will do its best to ensure that your printer is working as smoothly as possible, even after your warranty period. If you encounter any problems, send our team a support ticket and we will assist you in getting your printer running. If you need to send your printer in for repairs, we will give you an estimate of time and cost on a case-by-case basis.

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What can I do if my printer arrives damaged or faulty?

If your printer arrives damaged, contact us right away! Our support staff will discuss arrangements for repairs or returns. After diagnosing and approving the case, we will issue you an RMA number and begin the RMA process.

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What is the cost of maintaining an Ackuray?

The Ackuray requires very low maintenance and ownership costs due to a minimal amount of moving parts in the system. The actual cost varies, depending on the frequency of using the Ackuray and the storage location.

Without counting consumables, energy, and repairs covered under warranty, the Ackuray will generally cost less than US $1,000 per year to maintain.

What consumable items will I have to purchase over time?

The following are the consumable items to consider when planning for your purchase of an Ackuray:

  • Resins
  • Duravats (resin tanks)
  • Build platforms
How do I maintain and clean the Ackuray vat and build platform?
Does the projector require calibration from Ackuretta?

The projector that the Ackuray uses is a set piece with a fixed focus with a stabilizer. This projector should not move or need any mechanical adjustment over time. As such, the projector doesn’t require costly professional calibration.

The Ackuray console includes a calibration section, but this is only for manual calibration of the build platform. This can be adjusted by the user.


How can I purchase the Ackuray?

You can purchase an Ackuray through one of our locally appointed distributors. If there are no distributors in our region, please contact Ackuretta directly Register with your contact information, billing address, and preferred payment method to get a shipping quote and to start your order. For more information, contact our sales team at sales@ackuretta.com.

Do I have to pay sales tax or VAT?

All orders with a Taiwan (Republic of China) shipping address will include sales tax on the merchandise portion of your order. For all other customers outside Taiwan (Republic of China), please refer to your country’s import tax regulations.

What shipping options do you offer?

Ackuretta a standardized process with an independent shipping company to prevent additional handling fees and logistics costs. As such, we have a streamlined shipping process that does not involve external vendors such as FedEx or DHL. Our rates and timelines are competitive with other vendors, so we only promote using this process.

What countries do you ship to?

We ship globally, sending our orders out of Taiwan (Republic of China). However, please refer to your country’s customs regulations for more information concerning import taxes and restricted import items.

Can I pick up a printer from your office?

Unfortunately, our manufacturing center and testing center are in a different region from our head office, so we do not store printers at our head office for pick up. If you are in Taiwan (Republic of China), we request that you have the printer shipped to you.