High-performance DLP 3D print resins from Ackuretta Technologies.

Ackuray and Diplo work best with Ackuretta’s superior and original Qura series of DLP 3D printer resins. Tested by experts, our materials ensure your creations look, feel and function precisely as you wanted.

Qura DLP Resins


QuraDENT is a photopolymer resin with opaque optical properties, a matte finish, and is ideal for printing dental models that are used extensively in dental laboratories. QuraDENT reproduces fine details in molds and is recommended for dental applications that necessitate high accuracy, a fine surface finish, and a high dimensional stability.


Smooth surface finish with high wax content for easy casting performance, suitable for jewelry and dental casting applications.


Clear photopolymer resin with the ability to print parts with near optical transparency. It is ideally suited for surgical guides, flow models, and for prototypes that require a transparent aesthetic and a need for internal visualization.


Designed to stimulate standard ABS plastics by combining good temperature resistance with high toughness, QuraGP offers durability, very low shrinkage, chemical and impact resistance. QuraGP is excellent for printing accurate and functional prototypes.

Advantages of Qura Resins

Optimum Temperature Range


Shorter Curing Times

Compatible with PDMS coated and Teflon coated Resin Tanks

Consistent Optical Properties


Fewer Post Processing Steps

High Repeatability

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