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Qura Resins

Ackuray and Diplo work best with Ackuretta’s superior and original Qura series of DLP 3D printer resins. Tested by experts, our materials ensure your 3D prints look, feel and function with utmost precision.

QuraMODEL 2.0

QuraMODEL 2.0 is a photopolymer resin with opaque optical properties and durable properties, ideal for printing dental models that are used extensively in dental laboratories.


  • High accuracy
  • Dimensional stability
  • Strength and durability


QuraCROWN is a biocompatible material developed for temporary crowns and bridges. This high-strength material can be painted with composite staining kits and polished for a realistic and natural aesthetic.


A high-strength, biocompatible resin with transparent properties, QuraGUIDE enables you to print surgical guides for high clarity and stability for implant surgery.


QuraWAX HD offers a high wax content for easy casting performance to produce jewelry with high detail and smooth surfaces.


Designed to stimulate standard ABS plastics by combining good temperature resistance with high toughness, QuraGP is excellent for printing accurate and functional prototypes.


Made specifically for the production of denture bases, QuraBASE ensures accurate results with high dimensional stability.


Paired with Ackuretta's machines, QuraTRAY is formulated to produce an array of high-precision custom impression trays within 2 hours.

Ceramic Resin

Made specifically for the production of ceramic pieces, Ceramic Resin delivers detailed prints with a porcelain-like finish.


QuraCAST is a material made for dental and jewelry direct investment casting. Applications for QuraCAST include castable bridges and crowns, bangles, earrings, pendants, and brooches. QuraCAST offers an easy burnout and smooth surface results while retaining high detail in its prints.