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Keystone Resins

Ackuretta 3D printers work best with Ackuretta’s superior and original Keystone Keyprint series of DLP 3D printer resins. Tested by experts, our materials ensure your 3D prints look, feel and function with utmost precision.

Keystone KeyMask

Material produces highly-precise models with smooth, hard surfaces for optimal scanning

Keystone KeyGuide

Biocompatible material for precise and transparent surgical guides. The print is strong and high-precision for optimal placement and drilling during surgery.

Keystone KeyCast

For casting of crowns and partial dentures, this material produces a strong, porous-free 3D print that is resistant to fractures in even the finest of details. It burns out easily using existing ovens and work flows, with no residual ash, yielding detailed frames and accurate crowns.

Keystone KeySplint Soft

Biocompatible material for flexible splint devices. Unique formulation balances flexibility and strength in the material. The print is clear and polishable, with some flexibility and give. Perfect for night guards and retainers.

Keystone KeySplint Hard

Biocompatible material for rigid splint devices. The print is strong and clear for cases where tooth immobilization is the priority.

Keystone KeyOrtho Model

Designed for high-speed prints (150+μm z-axis layers) that are highly-accurate, hard and strong. Fast and accurate – can build at least 780 μm per minute printing @ 200μm z-axis layers. Perfect for thermoforming orthodontic devices. Maintains stability when subjected to thermoforming temperatures.

Keystone KeyMask

A flexible pink material that produces gingival masks to simulate the look and feel of gum tissue in restoration planning. Pairs perfectly with KeyModelTM.