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3D Printing in Manufacturing

The engineering industry has witnessed tremendous impacts by 3D printing. The biggest gains are found in the sub-domains of product visualization and prototyping. The advent of 3D printing has led to substantial changes in the way products are designed.

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Process for Manufacturing

Print custom parts in a fraction of the time with easily editable CAD files

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Maximize your productivity with the

Ackuray DLP 3D Printer

DLP Technology

High Speed Printing

Fast Turnover

Eliminate outsourced tooling and produce parts within hours

High Productivity

Print up to 1,000 custom parts from a variety of material properties

Maximize ROI

Reduce cost by printing direct-use parts

Flexible Inventory

Print on the go and minimize inventory

Precision meets possibility

Print, test and modify files for the perfect fit

High Resolution

Print features down to 50 microns


Print similar or custom pieces in a fraction of the time with easily editable CAD files

Tri Propeller

QuraGP simulates standard ABS plastics by combining good temperature resistance with high toughness. QuraGP offers durability, very low shrinkage, chemical and impact resistance, which is ideal for applications requiring functional prototypes and accuracy.

Machine Used Ackuray A135
Material Used QuraGP
Parts per Print 8 parts
Weight per Part 3.8 grams
Material Cost per Part USD 0.67
Printing Time 45 mins

Duo Propeller

Produce prints with high construction safety, high mechanical flexural and fracture resistances and fast throughput by short light exposure times. Its low viscosity ensures a reduced loss of material and fast cleaning.

Machine Used Ackuray A135
Material Used -
Parts per Print 9 parts
Weight per Part 2.2 grams
Material Cost per Part -
Printing Time 30 mins