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3D Printing in Dental

Dental applications in 3D printing has been popular for over 15 years. The nature of this demanding industry requires equally tough technological solutions. Digital dentistry has allowed for safe, easy and effective dental treatment at a fraction of the time and cost.

Optimize your Dental Workflow

3D Print accurate and biocompatible dental devices for orthodontic and prosthodontic applications

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Maximize your productivity with the

Diplo Dual-Platform 3D Printer

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Dual print areas on one platform

Printing speed of up to 10cm/hour

Smooth Surface Prints

1-100 micron slice thickness

Unmatched Precision

±25 micron accuracy

High Productivity

Print 200+ models a day

Achieve the Perfect Fit

Store patient files for easy adjustments

Biocompatible Materials

Produce safe dental products from a range of Class I and Class IIA biocompatible materials


Reduce production lead time from 3 weeks
to 3 days


Print up to 200 models


At a fraction of the time


Print on the go and minimize inventory

Maximize Productivity

Print dental applications at rapid speed and minimal cost

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Dental Models

Dreve FotoDent Model produces accurate replicas of patients’ mouths, serving as a foundation for precise restorations and treatment. Achieve higher comfort, control, and rapid improvement for healthy teeth and gums.

Machine Used Diplo
Material Used Dreve FotoDent Model
Arch Models per Print 20 full arches
Weight per Arch 8.05g
Material Cost per Arch USD 2.58
Printing Time 1 hours


Produce biocompatible, perfect-fit splints with high accuracy and protection against bruxing and grinding, giving proper relief to sensitive teeth.

dental splints

Machine Used Diplo
Material Used Keyprint Splint Hard
Splints per Print 20 splints
Weight per Splint 4.42 grams
Material Cost per Splint USD 2.42
Printing Time 1 hours

Crown Bridges

Remove the need for milling with the direct file to print process. Dreve FotoDent Cast gives you prints that are easily castable with full-ash burnout.

Machine Used Diplo
Material Used Dreve FotoDent Cast
Bridges per Print 8 bridges
Weight per Bridge 3.25 grams
Material Cost per Bridge USD 1.46
Printing Time 30 mins


Print and cast at least 216 crowns with Dreve FotoDent Cast with accurate formation to the tooth.

Machine Used Diplo
Material Used Dreve FotoDent Cast
Crowns per Print 216 crowns
Weight per Crown 0.287 grams
Material Cost per Crown USD 0.13
Printing Time 30 mins

Partial Frames

Partial frames printed in Dreve FotoDent Cast are accurate and easily castable with full-ash burnout. 3D printing partial dentures increases the speed and accuracy of the final casted partial frames.

Machine Used Diplo
Material Used Dreve FotoDent Cast
Partial Frames per Print 8 partial frames
Weight per Partial Frame 5.8 grams
Material Cost per Partial Frame USD 2.69
Printing Time 40 mins

Gingiva Masks

Keystone KeyMask is a flexible resin for models made to replicate the contours of gingiva.

Machine Used Diplo
Material Used Keystone KeyMask
Gingiva Masks per Print 168 gingiva masks
Weight per Gingiva Mask 0.2 grams
Material Cost per Gingiva Mask USD 0.10
Printing Time 30 mins

Impression Trays

Dreve FotoDent Tray offers the strength and stability to let you take oral impressions with zero deformations. Retention holes are easily and accurately made in the CAD file for quick printing.

Machine Used Diplo
Material Used Dreve FotoDent Tray
Impression Trays per Print 12 impression trays
Weight per Tray 17.87 grams
Material Cost per Tray USD 6.25
Printing Time 1 hour

Denture Bases

NextDent Base produces low-shrinkage, smooth-surface bases for excellent-fit dentures.

Machine Used Diplo
Material Used NextDent Base
Bases per Print 14 bases
Weight per Base 11.9 grams
Material Cost per Base USD 3.76
Printing Time 2 hours

Temporary Crowns and Bridges

NextDent C&B is a biocompatible ClassIIA material for mid-term crowns and bridges. Crowns and bridges printed with NextDent C&B possesses high strength and wear-resistance.

Machine Used Diplo
Material Used NextDent C&B
Parts per Print
Weight per Print 21.9g
Material Cost per Print USD 8.76
Printing Time 30 mins

Surgical Guides

Surgical guides printed in QuraGUIDE improve accuracy and reliability of implant treatment with safety-assured, class I biocompatibility.

Machine Used Diplo
Material Used QuraGUIDE
Surgical Guides per Print 12
Weight per Surgical Guide 5.75 grams
Material Cost per Surgical Guide USD 1.86
Printing Time 1 hour

Temporary Crowns

QuraCROWN produces realistic, perfect fit crowns for maximum protection of the tooth.

Machine Used Diplo
Material Used QuraCROWN
Temporary Crowns per Print 72
Weight per Temporary Crown 0.47 grams
Material Cost per Temporary Crown USD 0.12
Printing Time 30 mins