3D printed dental model with 3D printer in the background
What is a Validated Printing Workflow?

A validated workflow is a complete process, ensuring the consistent production of safe dental applications in line with stringent medical standards. Which steps are required to have a validated workflow?...

3D printing resins - CURO Cast resin pouring into DENTIQ dental 3D printer
3D Printing Resin Prices – the Devil’s in the Details

Why are some resins available for $40 while others cost as much as $300?  When you see two different 3D printing resin types, the bottles and materials often look the same. 

SOL 3D printer for dental professionals by Ackuretta
Why is it Worth Investing in a 3D printer?

You will have noticed that dental 3D printers prices vary drastically. Some might be as cheap as $250 and others will cost the same as a luxurious family car. But how do...