Dr. Fermin Ocanas, Orthodontist and speaker for Ackuretta
Meet Dr. Fermín Ocañas - The Digital Orthodontist

Dental 3D printing in Mexico isn't yet wide-spread. Dr. Fermín Ocañas, a Chihuahua based orthodontist and dental surgeon, is embarking on the journey of digital dentistry supported by Ackuretta. His goal?...

Monochrome vs RGB 3D printers ackuretta SOL
Monochrome vs RGB Dental 3D Printers

Looking for the best 3D printer for dental applications such as models, splints, crowns and bridges? Look no further, monochrome LCD 3D printers have claimed their spot at the top...

Happy,  blond Child holding tooth and smiling bright
The Bloody Story behind the Tooth Fairy

Some of you might ask yourself "Is the tooth fairy real?" Yes, it is. It's called dental 3D Printing and no one does a better job than Ackuretta. Can a...

Dental 3D Printers and Accuracy image shows a 3D printed denture base on SOL

Dental 3D Printing - Accuracy

August 11, 2021
by Julia Kemmesies · 6 min read
Crowns and bridges 3D printed

Dental 3D Printing - XY Resolution and Layer Thickness

August 05, 2021
by Julia Kemmesies · 4 min read
The Effect of Resin Quality on 3D Printing Accuracy

The Effect of Resin Quality on 3D Printing Accuracy

August 04, 2021
by Julia Kemmesies · 2 min read
Ackuretta 3D printing solution blog post about accuracy and layer thickness

Layer Thickness and Print Accuracy Report

July 29, 2021
by Julia Kemmesies · 3 min read
Ackuretta 3D printing solution, 3D printed dental model on SOL

Dental 3D Printer Pricing - What do you Get for your Money?

July 21, 2021
by Julia Kemmesies · 7 min read