Printing from the Ackuray Console

The front of the Ackuray contains a blue LED console which controls all major printer functions. The console consists of the following parts:


1 LED display This shows the current options available, details about a given file, and the status of printing or cleaning processes.
2 Control buttons The LED display places options in the bottom-left and bottom-right corners. Press the corresponding control button below the displayed option.
The left control button usually corresponds to going back to the previous screen or canceling operations. The right control button usually selects or confirms an option.
3 Directional arrows Press the directional buttons to choose options.
4 OK button On most screens, you can press the OK button to confirm a selection instead of the right control button.
On screens with numerical selections, use the directional buttons to choose a number that you want to change. Press the OK button to select that you want to change that number. Use the directional buttons to change your selection. Press the OK button to confirm your change.

Main Menu

When you start up the Ackuray printer, the first screen with options that appears is the Main Menu. The Main Menu comprises the major functions that the printer performs.

Print Perform a 3D print. The File Manager opens to select your print file. After configuring a few settings, the printer will begin printing.
Printer Settings Set the default settings used when printing. The settings contained in this section are as follows:

  • First layer curing time
  • Number of layers in the print buffer
Clean VAT Prepare the Duravat for cleaning. This function cures a layer of resin at the bottom of the vat, so that a user can easily remove any incorrectly cured or broken pieces lying on the bottom.
File Manager Manage the files in the printer memory. This function has several options, including viewing print files, copying files from USB devices to printer memory, and deleting files from the printer.

To see detailed descriptions of how to use the Printer Settings, Clean VAT, and File Manager options, see Using the Printer Console Functions.

1. Attach Your USB Device

Copy or move your print files to your USB device in the root folder. The Ackuray only accepts print files in the VBF, ACK, or SLICE file formats.

Connect your USB device to either of the Ackuray USB device ports.


The File Manager in the Ackuray printer can only read files from the root folder of USB devices. Do not store your files in folders on the device.

For example, if your USB device is in disk “E:”, store your print files in the “E:\” folder. Do not store your print files in the “E:\prints\” folder.

2. Select your USB Device

Start up your printer. From the Main Menu, select Print. On the Print Location screen, select the USB device that contains your print file.

3. Select Your Print File

The console displays all VBF, ACK, and SLICE files on that device in a set of pages, with 3 files shown on each page. Use the right control button (Next) to turn to the next page. Use the up (↑) and down (↓) directional arrows to select your print if your print is among the available options. Press the OK button to select your print file.

After you have selected your print, a screen appears that shows your print information. Check that the displayed print is correct, and confirm your selection by pressing the right control button (Select).

4. Set Your Curing Time

The next screen shows the time that the printer will spend curing each layer after the first. This setting comes from the print file information and was already set during the creation of the print file. It is usually not necessary to change this setting at this time. Press the right control button (Next) to accept your setting and continue.
If you want to change this information, use the left (←) and right (→) directional arrows to select the digit that you want to change. Press the up (↑) and down (↓) directional arrows to adjust that number. After you have chosen the curing time that you want to use, press the right control button (Next) to continue. A confirmation message will display if you have changed the value. Press the right control button (Change) to confirm.


5. Start Your Print

Hold the right control button (Start) to start your print. The print platform will move into position, and then the print will begin printing.



Ethyl alcohol and isopropyl alcohol are controlled chemicals in many countries and must be disposed of properly. Check the federal safety regulations and disposal methods in your country.

When storing cleaning alcohol, whether for disposal or for use, keep all containers far away from any sources of heat, sparks, or flame.

Finishing your Print

When the process finishes, the machine will return to the base position so that you can remove the print. At this point, you will need to clean, dry, and cure your print. See the following articles for the next steps:


  1. Cleaning and Drying your Print
  2. Finishing your Print
  3. Cleaning your Printer