Printer Overview

This section shows the dimensions and main components of the Ackuray DLP printer. All Ackuray models have the same components, and the dimensions are the same.

Printer Dimensions

Length (from front to back) 43.3 cm 17.0 in
Width (along back plate) 36.2 cm 14.3 in
Height (including legs) 77.0 cm 30.3 in

Printer Front and Interior

                    Build Platform Connector The build platform holds the print during printing such that the print hangs upside-down on the plate. Tilt the build platform connector upward to lock the platform in or downward to detach the platform.
Build Platform Plate
  Duravat Tank The Duravat™ resin tank is a translucent storage vessel for your resin. To remove the Duravat, twist the thumbscrew connectors so they are parallel to the machine. To lock the Duravat in, place the tank in the slot and twist the connectors inward.
  Duravat Connectors
  Console The printer console controls all mechanical and software functions of the printer. The console automatically starts when the printer is turned on. Operate the console with the buttons below and to the right of the display.
  UV Door The UV protected transparent door allows you to see inside the printer while also preventing outside light from affecting the print. Open the door with the handle on the left side. The printer will automatically stop any printing process if the door opens.

Printer Side

USB Ports Connect your USB devices to these port to import your 3D models for printing or to do firmware updates.
Power Button Press this button to turn the Ackuray on or off.
Power Socket Attach the enclosed power cable to this connector.


Ackuray Side Ports