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Ackuretta helps dental professionals stay ahead in the industry by ensuring consistency and quality in every print. Same-day dentistry made a reality.

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LCD Dental 3D Printers

Versatile and intuitive LCD printer that makes same-day dentistry a reality.

Our printers streamline workflows for dentists with preprogrammed, validated settings that guarantee the highest quality dental applications.

DLP 3D Printers

Maximized productivity. Unmatched Precision.

Professional-grade DLP 3D printing made easy thanks to the premium materials and robust engineering delivered in a compact design.

CLEANI Dual-tank Washer

Avoid alcohol and 3D prints contamination.

Save time and increase efficiency with CLEANI, a portable washer that reduces alcohol consumption by 50% and removes 90% of resin residue for your 3D prints.

UV Ovens

360ยบ perfect UV light distribution for a uniform curing.

Equipped with a sophisticated UV-light source management system to ensure all resins that react to wavelengths 365, 385, and 405nm can cure completely and efficiently, with strengthened print hardness.

Alpha 3D

Slicing software specially designed for dental industry.

No more guesswork thanks to its preprogrammed parameters enabling users to support parts in 3 clicks. Intuitive orientation, layout and nesting

CURO Resins

Biocompatible medical-grade material with 2-year shelf life.

Ideal for any dental application on both DLP and LCD technologies. It features a curing window from 385 to 405 nm, which allows compatibility with most 3D printers in the market.