QuraMODEL 2.0

QuraMODEL 2.0 is a smooth-surface material designed for detailed dental models and die-fits. The color and opacity are ideal for detailed scan impressions and accurate dental restorations.


  • High accuracy
  • Dimensional stability
  • Strength and durability


Product Description

Application Dental Models, Die-fits
Color Beige
Appearance Opaque
Viscosity (at 30°C) 165m.Pas
Density (at 25°C) 1.12 g/cm^3
Water Content (%) <0.3
Ec, critical exposure (mJ/cm2) 20.5
Dp, depth of light penetration (mm) 0.102
Resolution Support 50~100 micron
Mechanical Properties (post-cured)
Shore Harness 80 D
Tensile Strength, MPA 60
Elongation at Break, % 9