Light curing resin for dental models

Dreve FotoDent Model


FotoDent model is a light-curing resin for the manufacturing of dental models using 385 and 405 nm-LED-based DLP systems. The ultra-precise dental model is dimensionally stable with a high degree of opacity, light, and moisture stability as well as abrasion resistance.


  • Dental models

Quantity: 1000g

FotoDent Model Material Safety Data Sheet

Dreve FotoDent Model Product Description

Color Opaque beige
Density 1.1-1.2g cm-3
Viscosity 0.8-1.3 Pa s
Cured Material
Post curing time using PCU EVO 12 min in a protective gas atmosphere
Flexural modulus >1750 MPa
Flexural strength >85 MPa
Elongation at break 11-15%
Hardness 80-85 Shore D


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