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The Ackuretta Diplo

The Ackuretta Diplo is a professional-grade 3D printer that offers high resolution, an open material platform, and maximized productivity for direct manufacturing applications across many markets.

All-in-One 3D Solution

From start to finish we have you covered. Ackuretta develops and manufactures its own 3D printers, software and materials, offering a one-stop shop for all your needs. Empower your business with our robust, turn-key solution that will dramatically increase workflow.

The Diplo provides top quality surface smoothness and minimal post processing.

Dual print areas on one platform

Dual Printing

At the heart of the Diplo is its advanced projector technology that allows it to print two build areas on a singular platform. This means double the productivity at a fraction of the time.



Wireless Connectivity

* Seamlessly connect to the Diplo via Wi-Fi from your phone,
computer, or tablet.
* Print, upload, and manage from a browser-based console
* Upload, print, and control your machine from anywher

Custom-Built for 3D Printing

Improved Interface

Preview prints on console or browser before printing

Full-color capacitive 7-inch touchscreen

Alerts and Notifications

Receive notifications on the Diplo or browser for the following:
* Print has started
* Print is complete
* Print has fallen off platform (failure)
* Door is open
* Build platform is not attached to the machine
* Vat is not attached to the machine

Open Material System

The Diplo 3D printer is compatible with a range of resins for a plethora of applications.

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Diplo D140

High Speed,Dual-build Production

3D Printing Technology DLP
Machine Size 48 x 48 x 49.5cm
Weight 36.7 Kg
Build Volume Left Build Area: 140 x 78 x 110 mm
Right Build Area: 140 x 78 x 110 mm
Accuracy ± 37 μm
Slice Thickness 5-100 microns
Resin Wavelength 405 nm
Software Alpha 3D, Omega 3D, and Magics for Ackuretta Pro
Power Supply AC110-230V/50-60Hz

The all new Diplo

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